Incredible cancer diagnosis breakthrough!
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Tuesday 14th Apr, 2015

Incredible cancer diagnosis breakthrough!

US researchers have developed a rapid and reliable cancer screening test which can be used with a smartphone. The device, which would only cost $1.80 per diagnosis, could accurately screen for cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV).

The proof-of-concept study demonstrates the feasibility of rapid and cost-effective cancer diagnosis at points of care. Digital holography can help perform rapid, reliable, and unencumbered cancer screening at points of care, particularly in resource-poor settings. This means that diagnosis becomes easier and more effective in contributing to a fast reaction time.

It works in an incredibly way with a plastic module fitted with a light source, mini-lens, and sample insert snapped snugly atop the camera of a smartphone. This records patters from the scan on a remote server and returns the preliminary diagnosis within 45 minutes.

The study had 25 patients classified into high-risk versus low-risk/benign categories. The app detected it with sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of 92%.

This is one of the first breakthroughs in using simple, modern technology for cancer diagnosis and hopefully it will lead to some very great breakthroughs in other areas.

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