If you love your drinks hot, you may want to stop for your health

There’s really nothing like a hot beverage to warm you up on a chilly day, but could the temperature be

There’s really nothing like a hot beverage to warm you up on a chilly day, but could the temperature be having a negative effect on your health?

According to new research by the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), water heated above 65 degrees Celsius induced oesophageal tumours in animal studies, and said drinks swallowed over that temperature were “probably” carcinogenic to humans.

“These results suggest that drinking very hot beverages is one probable cause of oesophageal cancer and that it is the temperature, rather than the drinks themselves, that appears to be responsible,” IARC director Christopher Wild said, reports 9News.

Despite this, coffee, when not boiling, has many health benefits.

The agency reviewed more than 1000 scientific studies on the possible cancer-causing properties of coffee and found it was not linked to a higher cancer risk – up to a certain temp.

There was some evidence to suggest that drinking beverages at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius may cause cancer.

“Studies in places such as China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and South America, where tea or mate is traditionally drunk very hot (at about 70C) found that the risk of oesophageal cancer increased with the temperature at which the beverage was drunk,” said the IARC.

Tell us, next time you have a drink, will you wait for it to cool down a bit? What’s your favourite hot drink?


  1. Myra Sorensen  

    First of all, I see they’re still testing animals with nasty things foreign to them, and secondly, what else are they going to come up that they say ‘might’ cause cancer? If we listened to everything we read or hear, we wouldn’t know what to eat or drink.

    • Marie Gutteridge  

      beginning to agree with U!,!!!!

  2. Robin Henry  

    My favourite drink is coffee in any shape or form. I also drink beer, wine and very rarely spirits.

    While throat cancers have risen 400% in the past decade and the survival rate is less than 10 %, at the end of the day, we all die from something. There is always something new that is dangerous to our health or a health benefit. and we’d go nuts trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

    I’m happy to keep on doing what I do now knowing full well that one day I’ll simply cease to exist.

  3. It has been known now for quite some years that drinking hot beverages, soup, etc., can cause cancer. Perhaps it’s an irritant to the cells in the throat

  4. Martina  

    Love my soup SERVED very hot, but allow it to cool to temperature which can be swallowed comfortably.
    Same goes for any hot drinks I have.

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