How you can detox your kitchen

If you’re craving unhealthy snacks, concerned about cancer, or worried about how much food is stored in your freezer that’s not getting used, it is time to detox your kitchen.

You have plastic products everywhere

There was a concern that plastics containing the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) led to a number of health effects including cancer, so imagine the relief when products like drink bottles and food containers declared themselves BPA-free. However, now there is evidence to suggest that the BPA substitute Bisphenol S (BPS) used in some BPA-free plastics is also suspicious.

Both BPA and BPS can trigger the development of human fat cells according to Canadian research published in the journal Endocrinology recently.

No one wants more fat cells, so the best thing to do would be to remove plastics from the kitchen.

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BPA is often found in hard, clear, shatterproof plastics used in food storage containers, small kitchen appliances, water bottles and the plastic linings of aluminium food cans. In the pantry and fridge you can swap most of those plastic containers for glass or ceramics. This will be fantastic for microwaving where it is recommended you use glass or ceramic containers to reheat/defrost food.

When you are ready to replace your plastic kitchen appliances like toasters, kettles, blenders, juicers and coffee makers, keep an eye our for glass or stainless steel options (and check for plastic parts on the inside, especially bits that will come into contact with food). It’s suggested you even stick to wooden cutting boards instead of plastic ones as it is difficult to know which products are BPA-free or polyethylene.

You can avoid the plastic lining of food cans by switching brands.

You crave unhealthy snacks

You’re human, because who doesn’t crave an unhealthy snack every now and again? But according to a study out of Cornell University you might be having those cravings because your kitchen is cluttered. Take a look at your kitchen counter, if you’ve got unopened mail, magazines and pamphlets, artwork from the grandkids, or other bits and pieces, it might be time to clean up.

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The researchers found that a disorganised kitchen, not only makes it difficult to find space to throw a salad together it might also make it more difficult to resist the junk food.

Store appliances in cupboards; open your mail and file it straight away; organise papers, and use a fruit bowl or two to keep the fruits and vegetables stored outside of the fridge in order. This little bit of order might be the thing to help keep your waistline thin.

Your freezer is full of leftovers you’re never going to eat

Your freezer has the potential to turn into a black hold for leftovers. You might have made several months’ worth of carbonara pasta sauce but you can’t find it because it’s hidden at the back of the freezer behind the lamp chops and the beer battered chips. If you want a healthier life get ready to reorganise that freezer.

Take a look at your freezer as there are often little symbols scattered within that indicate what goes best where in the space. Consider splitting your freezer space so that leftovers are separated from other items, which would make them easier to retrieve and use. Distribute your store-bought meats into perfectly portioned packs. Combine chopped fruit and vegetables into zip lock bags so that you’re ready to go with that green smoothie.

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Get creative and put a label on everything – include what it is and when it was made/purchased.

You’re not drinking enough water

Flouride is not good for anyone who suffers from thyroid trouble, so if that’s you and you want to up your intake of water try a water filter. Additionally, there are allegedly several types of cancers that can be attributed to the presence of toxic materials in drinking water.

A water filter will allow you to capitalise on the health benefits of water by eliminating the impurities and contaminants present in tap water.

You’ve got cleaning products under your sink

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According to Thrive Market, household cleaning products (and common cooking utensils) could  be hiding potentially toxic chemicals that can obstruct your body’s endocrine system. Of the range of health concerns these chemicals bring, diminished sex drive, metabolism dysfunction and kidney disease are just three.

Bleach, stove cleaners and some detergents could all have these chemicals, putting you and the food you eat at risk.

You can shop for cleaning supplies that are more eco-friendly, but if that’s not cost-effective on your budget, maybe try relocating those cleaning products from under your sink to somewhere like the laundry or the garage.

Got any other tips for clearing your kitchen of clutter? Share them with us.