How to relieve joint pain in your knees

There are many causes of joint pain in the knees hence it is advisable to go for check up before

There are many causes of joint pain in the knees hence it is advisable to go for check up before you start medication. Some of the major causes of knee joint pain include the following: arthritis, knee ligament injuries, and knee cartilage tears among many others. When the knee is in pain movement becomes less hence requires instant medical attention. The knee is vulnerable to injuries hence, maintain a dry floor, walk with caution whereby you come across a slippery floor, wear comfortable shoes that will prevent you from unexpected falls. Ensure any knee injury is treated until declared completely healed to avoid further infection.

The following are some of the major ways to relief joint pain in knees:


This involves seeking medical attention from an experienced doctor. You will have to undergo some tests and x-rays which will give a clear indication on the real disease. The doctor will have to prescribe the best medication that will ensure that the joint pain in the knee reduces. Follow the doctor’s prescription to the latter if you really want to be at peace with your knee. Do not ignore any additional pains around the knee; just let your doctor know about it.


It involves maintaining a healthy weight which will not stress the knee while walking. Some of this exercise include yoga, jogging, visit the gym, skipping and swimming among many others. These exercises help to reduce excess stressing the knee and also making the knee flexible reducing joint pain in knees. They are so many types of joint pain that can easily be solved by exercise hence, if you have any type of joint pain always try exercise.

Wear comfortable shoes

The type of foot wear you have will determine your safety. You are supposed to wear low heeled shoe that cannot slide easily. Walk with a lot of care in case there is any object ahead of you that can make you stumble and fall. Avoid walking in areas that are dark and you are not sure whether there are obstacles or have no torch light. You can get knocked down increasing the pain in the joints. Accidental falls can lead to other types of joint pain worsening the current condition.

Feed properly

A proper diet is responsible for general body immunity. This gives the white cells the ability to fight any other types of joint pains that can try to attack your knees. A proper diet involves a complete balanced diet, clean vegetables, fruits and lots of water.


Use hot water and a towel and massage the paining joint around the knee. It will help ease the pain slowly by slowly. You can also use ice only if you are sure that the joint pain is not caused by arthritis. An arthritis patient should only use hot massage to prevent triggering more pain.

Enough rest

Take some time to rest after a long day walk. Let the knee have enough time without movement. Sleep enough giving time for cartilage formation which helps to prevent gliding of the muscles. Enough rest in general leads to reduction of joint pain in knees.

Apply menthol pain reliever

Menthol acts a fast aid before visiting a doctor. It has components responsible for relieving any kind of pain whether severe or minor. This pain reliever can be a solution to some of the minor joint pain in knees. All other types of joint pain can only be relieved for some times hence need further medical attention.

Consider injections

You can consider injection though painful but it is the best relief for joint pain relief in knees. There is one major injection known as corticosteroids which is very painful. It can relief many types of joint pains for a period of 4 months. It is done 3 times within a year hence giving the patient an easy time. It is quite expensive but recommendable for those who have chronic joint pain in knees.


This is for severe osteoarthritis that has refused to respond to any other type of treatment. The knee can be replaced completely in case it is so chronic in relation to the doctor’s assessment. A successful surgery makes you forget the pain completely since it is done by a professional who makes sure he has dealt with the problem completely. You will have to take some time before you get used to walking with an artificial knee.


Any patient following any of the above tips is guaranteed to have a reduction of joint pain in knees. Take any method that you can afford and strictly follow it without doubt whereby it will be a great relief to your knees. Most of the methods are affordable for anyone with joint paining knees only if interested.

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  1. No, but I have pain in my right heel, which is becoming quite uncomfortable. What to do?.

    • I have pressure points in my heels. I wear rubber thongs and in closed in shoes I have gel inserts. Your problem may of course be different.

    • You might have plantar fasciitis (heel spur) I’ve had them and they are very painful. Maybe you need an x-ray to find out for sure.

    • Thankyou, I only read today in the Yours mag, how important good shoes are.
      X-ray will be my next step, if my podiatrist cannot diagnose. Very painful!.

  2. Rub Elmore Oil on for relief. It is available from Chemist and health food stores. Elmore Oil contains Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Olive Oils and Vanilla. If Elmore Oil does not work within 14days then return unused portion for a full refund.

  3. I have pain both knees but trying a cup of hot water with raw honey and teaspoon of cinnamon every morning. I truly believe it is helping with the pain relief. I am certainly taking less Nurofen.

  4. Decided I do not want surgery ….a racket in most cases I believe for things like this. After seeking help with natural therapies I got onto Glucosamine with condroiton and msm ….must have the three things….I’ve tested this with just alternating glucosamine only …and the pain came back. I try to back my posts with facts.
    Also I was told to massage the inside of my knees, level with the kneecap…’s usually tender there and massage in circles helps.
    I’m sure other natural remedies work too!
    Those clever naturopaths………

  5. Nothing much is working for my wife’s knees, I think it’s time for the knife.

    • My wife’s specialist was concerned that she is to young but I’m not sure she is benefiting from that advice.

  6. Knee replacement does not always relieve pain and may in fact make it worse

    • I agree with this. My knee still want bend past 75deg. after 18months and is still quite painfull. I have tried lots of different things.

  7. For four years I’ve taken ROSEHIP CAPSULES. — after a couple of weeks ,,I have no pain. It’s amazing

  8. My only option is a complete knee replacement. Hopefully within the next 4 months.

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