How to make your grey hair look bright, shiny and gorgeous

Finding our first grey can be an upsetting experience, but if you’ve gone fully grey or partially grey, you might be trying desperately to hide it.

You don’t have to! Grey hair is actually very in fashion right now, with women young and old choosing to dye their hair to the sultry grey tone.

If you want to embrace the grey look, your ageing locks can look fabulous even if your natural colour has faded out.

Here’s the best ways to make your hair look gorgeous and shiny.

1. Go all grey

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If you have mostly grey hair with little bits of your natural colour, it’s time to make the decision: go all grey or keep dyeing it. If you want to go all grey, ask your hairdresser about how to do it. Grey hair is very ‘in’ right now, so you won’t have trouble finding a silver colour.

2. Polish your silver

Grey strands can be drier that what you’ve been used to in the past so they have a tendency to frizz and look dull. So to get the best locks you can, use blue or purple shampoos and conditioners but only once or twice a month.

3. Flattering makeup

Once you have all grey hair, you can complement it with flattering makeup – grey really goes with anything! Black, white, jewel tones (red, sapphire, emerald and purple) look stunning alongside a beautiful grey ‘do. Avoid earth tones such as beige and olive, which can wash you out.

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4. Fight the frizz

Grey hair can have trouble staying hydrated so make sure to coat it often in a nourishing serum such as Moroccan oil or even just coconut oil.

5. Get more volume

Grey hair contains less protein, so individual strands can be finer and hair overall can look thin. Volumising products such a mousse and powders can give that bit of ‘oomph’ to dull or lifeless greys.

Apply the products to the root of your hair to tease it up and out.

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6. Invest in a good cut

A good cut is crucial to looking fabulous with grey hair. A long bob is always flatting, as is a short crop. See if your hairdresser can do a concave bob if possible, or if they can give highlights and lowlights to increase the depth of your sexy new look.

7. Consider sunscreen for your hair.

Another way to protect silvery hair from tarnishing is using sunscreen that is specially formulated for hair. It will stop harmful rays from making your hair brassy and unattractive.

Tell us, have you embraced your grey hair?