How to improve your bone density with natural methods

Bones are one of the most, if not the most important parts of our body, yet it is easy to

Bones are one of the most, if not the most important parts of our body, yet it is easy to overlook them. We can rarely see any of our bones, and can tend to forget they are the main structure of our human bodies. As we get older, existing bone breaks down faster than new bone is made, increasing risk of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition that reduces bone density and raises chance of fractures. This is why staying strong is so important as we cannot afford to break a bone and risk being hospitalised or in chronic pain.

Luckily, there are ways to improve your bone density, without resorting to medications that can have nasty side effects.

Here’s 7 of the best we have found.

1. Weight-bearing exercises

It might sound like it will be difficult if your bones are weak, but in fact weight-bearing exercises are great for improving bone density as bones help to support muscles and vice versa. Try to climb stairs or walk uphill if you can’t lift weights.

2. Improve balance and posture

A fall can turn into a trip to hospital if your bones aren’t strong and your balance is off. Tai chi, yoga, or Pilates can strengthen your legs while improving your balance. Try to engage in one of these activities twice a week.

3. Increase protein intake

Collagen, a certain type of protein, helps strengthen bones. If you’re protein deficient, bones can become brittle, leading to breakage no matter how much calcium they contain. Great sources of protein include organic grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, and legumes, nuts, and seeds.

4. Get more sleep

You may have always been a light sleep with just five hours’ sleep, however this time is crucial for repairing your body. Boost your sleep quality by reducing stress – yoga is great for this, as well as meditation.

5. Increase levels of Vitamin D

You can buy vitamin D supplements, but the best way to get vitamin D is from the big ol’ sun! Vitamin D has so many benefits, including increasing the absorption of calcium. You can drink or eat as much dairy as you want, but you won’t see the pay off unless you have enough vitamin D to convert it.

6. Stretch it out

Finish your workouts with stretching to help avoid bad posture later on if you have osteoporosis. Lengthening tight muscles also reduces back pain and promotes a healthy spine, even if it mightn’t always feel like that! Remember to perform stretches slowly and smoothly to a point of stretch, not pain.

7. Eat your fruit and veg

Many scientific studies show that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is vital for your health. Women aged 60-83 years had significant positive associations between spine bone mineral content and fruit intake, according to a recent study. It can be as simply as doubling fruit intake and being sure what we’re putting our bodies will benefit us.

Tell us, have you suffered from a bone disorder?

  1. Tai Chi is a great way to improve your bone density. A Tai Chi class usually incorporates loosening up exercises, balance exercises and cool down stretches. Learning the Tai Chi forms naturally train us in balance and body awareness as movements are slow and require focus on different positions and transitions of arms, body and feet directions. Tai Chi is a continual learning experience that is exercise for the brain as well as gradually improving balance, strength and flexibility and is suitable for all age groups. I have been learning Tai Chi for about 18 years and a love it more each year:)

  2. I have done this all my life and unfortunately has not stopped the thinning of my bones.🙁 Now take once a month medication.

    • Can I ask what is the medication you re taking. I was taking a tablet once a week but it was a pain in the neck taking it so I stopped.
      Can I ask you do you have a daughter called Kelly. Your name rings a bell.

    • yes, Catherine. I do have a daughter named Kelly. I take Actonel once a month. According to the last bone density I had which was only about 18 or so months after I started, showed improvement though only slight.

  3. I had a bone density test just over a year ago and was told I don’t need another one for 5 yrs. by the way I am almost 73. It must be all those bottles of milk I drank at school.

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  5. Calcium is found in many forms, not just dairy. Almonds are a good source, also tinned fish with bones. You need weight bearing exercise, so if you are able to skip, that is even better than walking – suggested by our rheumatologist. Sometimes though, you just have to have medication, why face a future of pain.

    • Ann Muller  

      Iwou,dn t recommend skipping. From skipping I ended up with a crush fracture of the thoracic spine, & had to spend 3 months lying down doing nothing! It was the most painful, frustrating & boring 3 months of my life!!!

  6. Alison  

    Most fruit is actually harmful to your bones, as it is loaded with fructose (a form of sugar). The only good fruit, are lemon, limes, grapefruit, pomegranate, tomatoes, avocado. Most vegetables and especially green vegetables are alkaline and therefore very good for bone density. Replace cow’s milk with almond milk. Cow’s milk and it’s products are very acidic, and actually draw calcium from your bones in order to keep your body at the correct alkalinity – 7.365. Make a green drink – Asian greens, spinach, cucumber, avocado and almond milk, with a slurp of liquid chorophyl – throw it in the blender and whizz. If you must have some sweetness, try a piece of watermelon with it. Great way to start the day and very good for your bones.

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