How to extend the life of your glasses

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Most of us will take reasonable precautions to keep our prescription glasses safe. But it’s often the smallest habits – those we don’t even realise we’re doing – that can put them at long-term risk of wear and tear.

A well-fitting frame is essential for basic comfort. Clean and unscratched lenses are vital for effective vision. Changing these unconscious little actions can genuinely improve your day-to-day wellbeing on both fronts.

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Don’t push your glasses up by pressing between the eyes

This is one of the simplest possible actions, but if you have wireframe glasses, this can distort the shape and wear off the finish with repeated pushes. Instead, try gently holding the top and bottom of a lens between your thumb and forefinger. It will seem slower and more cautious at first, but with a little practice it can become just as quick and easy.

Avoid leaving glasses on top of your head

Most of us are guilty of doing this, but the risk of damage can significantly outweigh the convenience. This can distort the earpieces and contort the frame into shapes it wasn’t designed to fit.

The natural oils in your hair or scalp can also corrode or smudge your lenses, meaning the sense of time saved is often countered by time wasted on avoidable cleaning.

Take them off using two hands

If you are taking off your glasses repeatedly every day using your dominant hand, there’s a good chance this imbalance can add up over time, loosening the earpieces and putting your glasses out of alignment.

Consider your eyelashes

If you are finding your glasses smudging easily as you wear them, it may be due to contact with makeup or long eyelashes (which have natural oils that can have a similarly corrosive effect).

In many cases, your optometrist will be able to adapt your glasses, sometimes with a small nose bridge to prop them up

Remember to wash your microfibre cloth

You will likely have a microfibre cloth for cleaning, make sure that goes through the wash from time to time. If it gathers dust – as it often can over months and years – the accumulated dust can scratch the lenses when applied.

Clean your lenses carefully

If cleaning away a smudge, use soap that doesn’t contain moisturising lotion. Dishwashing liquid with warm water is one popular home remedy, though it’s important to try only in small doses due to its concentration.

Avoid paper towels, glass cleaners or alcohol-based wipes, as the chemicals can wear away the coating of the lenses or react with your frames.

Stop by your optometrist if in doubt

Your local optometrist will be able to quickly and easily examine your glasses, recognise signs of misalignment or damage, and quickly adjust when needed.

Which of these steps do you follow? Which have you overlooked? And are there any other tips you have? Let us know in the comments below! Advertisement Advertisement

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