How often should I replace my glasses?

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Many of us in the Starts at 60 community have held on to the same pair of glasses – or at least the same frame – for years.

We know they’re fundamental to our day-to-day comfort. We know they define so much about how the world sees us. We know they play a core role in our health. Yet it’s all too easy to take them for granted; to continue using an old pair out of sheer habit.

Only when they’re lost or damaged are we likely to consider the idea of replacement. How often should we really be looking for a replacement?

Everybody has unique needs, and there is no golden rule for how often changes are necessary. However, as a general rule, a check-up every one to two years will help you stay on the right track. If you’re uncertain about your current pair, there are four major factors worth considering:

Are my current glasses still working for me as intended?

While your current pair may seem to work well, your eyes have unique needs that can subtly change over time. The prescription that got you the best possible vision two years ago won’t necessarily be the best for you today.

On the contrary, an outdated prescription can begin to work against you. With such a gradual transition over months and years, it can be hard to consciously notice when this happens. Even if your vision seems fine, you may find yourself subconsciously straining harder to achieve the same outcome, potentially triggering headaches, tension.

A simple check-up every year or two is all it takes for peace of mind. Click here to book an appointment.

How much wear and tear do they have?

No matter how well you look after your glasses, it’s inevitable for them to become a little damaged over time. Even minor scratching can be enough to affect the clarity and effectiveness of some lenses.

Your frame is similarly vulnerable to wear and tear. If it’s bent out of its original shape, you may be subjecting yourself to subtle, unnecessary discomfort for large amounts of your day.

An improperly-fitting frame can also mean your lenses are no longer the optimal distance from your eyes, making for a stronger or weaker effect than intended.

Could I be missing out on something more efficient?

As with any other technology, lenses are constantly improving. With each passing year, glasses get fundamentally better at improving your vision.

Recent developments have also allowed for more diversity, allowing you to pick and choose based on your lifestyle. Newer lenses, for instance, can be tougher, more UV resistant, and ideal for active lifestyles. Alternatively, if you spend extended time periods looking at a screen, you can specifically choose options such as ULTRACLEAR SUPERCLEAN lenses which provide clearer and more comfortable vision.

Regular check-ins every 1-2 years will ensure you’re in the loop whenever something new and improved comes along that could serve you better.

Could I use a little personal reinvention?

There’s something incredibly powerful about changing your appearance overnight. But it’s a joy many of us will put off for years at a time.

Not only can a new pair of glasses show others a new side of you; the right set can genuinely leave you feeling like a new and improved person. If you’re feeling the need to redefine yourself, replacement eyewear could be the best possible start.

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