How much wine can you drink without busting your diet?

There are many important questions in the world and this is one of them: how much wine can I drink without it affecting my health or weight?

With Christmas around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a celebratory drink or two, but that does not mean free licence to drink as much as you want, especially if you want to enjoy summer feeling slimmer.

In terms of weight, the Today show in the US canvasses several experts in nutrition and wellness and came up with this magic number for anyone who wants to enjoy their wine while maintaining their waistline:

Experts recommend you limit yourself to one to two glasses of wine, two to three times a week.

In terms of your health, there has been plenty of research that shows the health benefits of wine (and also champagne) but there are a few things to remember.

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For one, remember that a standard drink is one that contains 10 grams of alcohol, which is equivalent to 100ml of wine or champagne.

Dr Joel Kahn, a cardiologist writing on Mind Body Green, says we also need to understand the “U-curve” of wine consumption (and he’s not talking about the shape of your mouth when you open a bottle!).

He says, “In an analysis of studies combining data on over 1 million people and overall death rates, the U shaped curve was ‘sweetest’ at 1 to 2 drinks per day for women and 2 to 4 drinks per day for men. Why? There are many beneficial effects of alcohol, including enhancing insulin action, raising HDL cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and improving arterial function. Red wine is particular is rich in polyphenols, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiplatelet actions.”

Beyond that, however, alcohol consumption tips into danger zones.

So which wine is the best for health benefits? Dr Kohl says, “Pinot noir is generally credited with having the highest concentration of resveratrol, while cannonau from Sardinia gets a nod for the exceptional longevity on that island.”

Do you enjoy a glass of wine? What’s your preference – red, white, rose?