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Some people I know love to take their pulse when they exercise. They love to measure it against itself week after week until they know what their level of fitness is and are satisfied in their health. Some people constantly wear heart rate monitors, some others weight themselves constantly. Then there’s some that are always at the doctor having tests run and re-run just to be sure of exactly where their health sits.

But how far would we happily go to look after our health?

Right now, there are incredible developments happening all over the world in health maintenance and monitoring. Sensoria has developed a range of smart clothing including sports bras and sports T-shirts that monitor heart rate. Then there’s incredible developments in technology that are so close to seeing people walk around with microchips implanted in their bodies to determine their risk of stroke, heart attack and other illnesses.

But how far are we willing to go to keep an eye on our health? It’s one thing to wear a garment designed for health, style is something that we can all afford to lose if it means longevity. But what about having invasive surgery? What about living with a piece of technology implanted in your body?

Is it actually worth it? Our parents grew up in an era where lifestyle was the biggest determiner of our health. We’d be able to walk down the street or catch up with family and would know how healthy they were. There were obvious factors that contributed to whether a person was really healthy or not – Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you obese? Do you eat a healthy diet? Do you exercise?

So have we got too carried away with the power of science and technology and are we trying too hard to pursue longevity when we’re just living unhealthy lives? Of course genetics plays a significant part, but theres the things we can’t control and the things we can. Are we going too far against nature in investing in our health in the ways that make it more difficult, more expensive and more unnatural to track?

Share your thoughts today… Do you buy into the science of living for longer? Or do you think a lot of it comes down to common sense? 

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  1. I get my doctor to do mine if l think l need it cant worry about every little thing or we might as well stop living

  2. Don’t do much exercise. Don’t eat all that much and mostly good stuff. Don’t go to the docs very often because a lot of them are quacks and think that one pill fits all ailments. Do not smoke anymore but drink on a regular basis albeit moderately. My number will be up one day and that will be that. Dwelling on my health is not going to give any more meaning to my life so I will concerntrate on enjoying what years I have left. Technology has a way of going too far and all this tampering with our bodies cannot be doing us any good.

  3. Yes. Our parents lived on basic necessities and walked everywhere. We only rarely had a take away meal. Plently of exercise running around outside playing games. Everyone says how much better it was back then and how much healthier people were. But people also died 20 years younger than they do today. So all that healthy food and lots of exercise and hard work meant we lived 20 years less than we do today. Think about it……..

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