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Winter tends to be a difficult time of year for anyone suffering from psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis. Although it is a time of relaxation and feeding the body with warm nutritious meals, it can also be a time of increased skin eruptions and joint pain.

The difficulty is that the simple remedy of going out into the sun to receive the benefit of UV rays and Vitamin D on the skin cannot be utilised. Also, the warmth that will usually help stiff joints move more freely has suddenly disappeared. With these changes in the weather, it is common to feel depressed and frustrated about having to deal with this disease in the first place.

I understand this time of year can be challenging but there are many things you can do to minimise potential flare ups in your skin and joints. When these changes are incorporated throughout the year, you will notice that regardless of the time of year your body will be less reactive to environmental factors and the flare ups will be less frequent with reduced intensity.

The changes that are recommended in this video include dietary modifications that encourage a more alkaline body, enjoying baths with Dead Sea salts and colloidal oatmeal, and maintaining a regular relaxation technique such as meditation.

Thank you for watching and sharing your experiences, by doing so it highlights the similarities we share, minimising the need to isolate ourselves and feel shame.

Let us know what your experiences are during the winter. Do you feel better because you can cover your skin up and less people notice your condition, or is it a time of year where you expect flare ups to happen and feel there’s not much you can do?

Irene Prantalos

Irene Prantalos knows what it is like to overcome a debilitating illness, and turn her life around. She was diagnosed with psoriasis when she was just 11 years old and battled her way through adolescence and into early adulthood, suffering from the skin disease… until she found a way to live free from psoriasis with the help of her mother. She is now a healthy skin educator and pioneer.

  1. mine is worse in summer, I have far more problems then, it is the only good thing about winter..I hate the cold

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    • Libbi i would say that your body has a fair bit of inflammation in it to get worse in summer. I’m not sure if you have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis but there have been summers in which my psoriasis flared up. If you have psoriasis and you sweat in the heat then make sure you shower at the end of the day. If its your joints that are burning up then make sure you keep cool. If you can get to the beach and sit in the sea water that will help you immensely. If your psoriasis is severe you may need to shower straight after the beach as it can cause more dryness in your skin. Hope these tips help

  2. Try taking DefenCell which you will find on the Cell-Logic Facebook page. Photos showing progress over 5 weeks can be found there.

  3. No fail recipe for flare ups . Crush 3 Aspros or Asprin with some Vaseline petroleum jelly . Put onto rash overnight …my daughter tried this with her shingles …cured overnight !

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    • Karin, it’s great to hear your daughter’s shingles alleviated with this simple recipe. When it comes to psoriasis this recipe may assist with exfoliating the dry scaly skin and the vasoline would moisturise the skin to improve elasticity but you would need to add ingredients for reducing inflammation. I personally haven’t tried it but i would be interested to hear if anyone with psoriasis has and what results they received.

  4. The arthritis is so debilitating. I am on methotrexate for mine. Psorisis mainly on my scalp. Have had since I was 37. Hopefully one day they will find a cure.

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    • Noreen, i also was developing pain in my hands and feet after having psoriasis completely cover my body from head to toe. I recently discovered that researchers have found a link between psoriasis and insulin resistance in those with moderate to severe psoriasis. When i reduced my carbohydrate intake to only 1 tablespoon my joints relieved within days. Having said this we are all different and the triggers we react to can vary significantly from one person to the next. I go into this more in my book and you can download a kindle version from amazon for around $10. It’s worth a read and the feedback i have received has been quite positive. Try and not give up, i know this illness is extremely frustrating and depressing at the same time. If researchers came up with a cure it would have to mess around with our genetics which isn’t ideal as you don’t what other genes are being tampered with. I found relief when i looked at my diet and my stress levels. Perhaps this might help you too?

  5. Daily Sebitar (Ego Pharmaceutical) soap less shampoo keeps it at bay for me, drives me crazy, sick of Cortisone creams and injections!! I wonder if Cannabis Oil would help? Or Tea Tree Oil? Anything!!!!

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    • Iain, tea tree would help if you have pustular psoriasis and you would only dab a small amount on the pustules as it would dry the skin affected with psoriasis. There are some oils that are beneficial but everyone is different as to what helps them. For example, emu oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil can reduce inflammation in the skin. There are some essential oils as well. As i mentioned to Noreen above, my book Feel Great in Your Skin ….7 Simple Ways to heal Your Psoriasis can be downloaded from amazon and i have listed many different topical ingredients that a person with psoriasis may find benefit from and where they can source these ingredients from. I have also included a couple of recipes to try out for yourself. I would always recommend you do a patch test first on a small area where no one can see so that if it does get worse it won’t be noticed by others.

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