Hope for chronic pain sufferers with promising new breakthrough

One in five Australians is suffering from chronic pain right now, but that statistic could soon change if a promising

One in five Australians is suffering from chronic pain right now, but that statistic could soon change if a promising new study is anything to go by.

Researchers at the IMB Centre for Pain Research at the University of Queensland have been embarking on a breakthrough study involving spider venom. Stick with us here: the venom is a part of new treatments for Australians suffering from chronic pain.

In the study, the researchers have been milking hundreds of tarantulas in a bid to better understand how pain is signalled through the body, reports 9News.

This led to the discovery of a specific protein, known to trigger what is known as “mechanical” pain.

“The simplest form of mechanical pain is if I, for example, hit you with a hammer and you go ‘ouch’, the pain you’re feeling is mechanical,” Professor Glenn King explained.

Researchers hope that the discovery will now enable them to find a way to block that protein, and in turn enable them to develop a new type of pain-killing drug.

They are also hoping the treatment could assist Australians who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) because opioid medications such as morphine and codeine offer little relief for sufferers.

Studies are still ongoing but there’s hope for trials in the future so this pain treatment can be fast-tracked to those who are suffering in pain.

Tell us: do you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain? How do you manage your symptoms?



  1. susan  

    I have suffered with chronic pain for over 18 years it’s getting worse I’m on patches and six different pain killers all up I take 18 pills a day but the pain still there

  2. Since 2007,I have had chronic pain in my lower back as a result of a lower back fusion ,that went haywire , I now take 4 lots of pain killers 3 times a day. Wish I didn’t but have no choice,either that or stay in bed all the time. I can only work in garden for 1/2 hr intervals instead of 8/10 hrs like i used too. Bugger.

  3. moira instance  

    Because I seem to be alergic to most pain killers I can only take panadol osteo and naproxen so suffer badly every day.. and I. Soo tired from pain… as the above do nothing…

  4. I am on pain killers 4 x day. They only just take the edge off – Its hard as I am still working full time. By the weekend Im so exhausted from pushing myself all week working through the pain, I just fall into a heap. Saturdays are completely out, Im useless. Sunday comes and its time to shop, clean, mow etc. Monday comes and Im exhausted from the Sunday. Its a vicious circle. Its never ending.

  5. Alfi gourgy  

    I am suffering from a chronic lower back pain for the last 25 years, I take one Celebrex and two Panadol Extra, sometimes work and sometimes does’t , I also suffer from severe Headich due to chronic sinus , I’ve had more then 8 operation since 1980, as Doctors say that I got Tri….. which mean I got ashma, sinus polyps and allergic to aspirin , not all pain relief work, now I take 2 Zaldiar or Tramal 100 but it make me drowsy .

  6. Nola  

    my lower back pain was caused by a chiropractor about 20 years ago. Ive suffered from pain ever since. He cracked my back and damaged 2 joints. Its now so bad that I cant bend my back at all. I’m waiting to see a orthopaedic surgeon but as I’m on a pension I just have to wait. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I cant move. If I haven’t got my painkillers with me, I cant move for hours. I cant do any gardening or much housework. I can only do things while standing straight. Ive been told I can get some home help but so far nothing has happened. Its very scary as I live on my own.

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