The one thing self-isolation is good for? Trying out new pee-proof pants

Modibodi pee-proof pants come in a range of styles, in sizes 4XS to 6XL for women. Source: Modibodi

There are a few unexpected upsides to all this self-isolating. For one, wearing whatever you like at home and even nipping very quickly out to the shops, safe in the knowledge you’re very unlikely to run into anyone you know, is a bit of a guilty relief!

So while we’ll all probably be happy to get back into some gladrags when this is all over, we may as well enjoy letting our standards drop a little while we can – and even trying out some things we wouldn’t have risked otherwise. Fancy changing hair colour? Now’s the time to do it, because it’ll be washed out by the time things are back to normal. Want to go bra-free? Enjoy the freedom!

Likewise, if you live with bladder leakage, this is a great time to try a completely new solution you may not have given a go when you needed to be certain you wouldn’t be embarrassed mid-day-out.

Modibodi is all the rage with younger women as a new type of underwear that gets rid of the need for period products, but Modibodi pants also work for women (and men) who have incontinence.

How Modibodi’s pee-proof pants work

The undies, which come in the sizes ranging from 4XS to 6XL (that’s Aussie womens’ sizes 2 to 26 – there’s a separate men’s range called MO), are a real, 100 per cent Aussie-designed-and-owned triumph. They’re made of quality fabrics including bamboo and merino wool, and use an Australian-patented technology that puts a tiny, 3mm stain-proof and water-proof lining inside the garment.

Another Aussie-first technology ensures the pants are also moisture-wicking (that means they pull moisture away from your body so they never feel wet or sweaty) and odour-fighting.

Amazingly, Modibodi undies can be worn without any other protective products such as panty liners or incontinence pads yet they never feel wet. Nor do they cause any smell because the three-layer patented technology Modibodi uses locks the liquid and any odour into the middle layer of the lining.

How much liquid can Modibodi underwear hold?

The pants come in a range of absorbencies, from light-moderate to heavy-overnight.

Modibodi says that while it depends on personal needs (which is why wearing them around the house the first time or two you try them is a good idea, just to get a feel for their absorbency), one pair of heavy-overnight pants can hold up to 20mls, or about four teaspoons, of liquid, which means just a single pair should last all day for most people. They’ve been tested against popular disposable incontinence pads and pants and found to more than last the distance.

The pants come in the usual range of styles, including classic bikini, high-waist, boyleg, boyshort, g-string, activewear brief and full brief, some with pretty lace or mesh inserts, and colours ranging from cream to fire-engine red. Seam-free options and the soft, silky feel of Modibodi undies mean they can be worn under slim-fitting clothes in a way that a bulky pad or traditional, disposable incontinence pants never could – while offering the same or better protection.

There is also a range of Modibodi swimsuits, so you can lounge on the beach for as long as you like, without worrying about having to cover up accidents with a sarong or rush to the loo.

Is there a Modibodi design for men?

There sure is. Although the MO range isn’t designed for the heavy bladder leakage that’s common after prostate surgery or any treatment that requires ‘heavy’ incontinence products, it’s fine to use MO undies for ongoing leakage issues.

The MO range comes in trunks or briefs, in navy blue or black, in sizes from S to 3XL, and uses the same technology as the ladies’ pants to ensure they’re leakproof.

How do I care for my Modibodi pants?

You might imagine such space-age undies require special handling but no – they’re machine-washable on a gentle, cold cycle, and should be hung out to dry rather than tumble-dried. It’s important, though, not to use fabric softeners or strong detergents as they don’t mix well with the high-tech lining so may cause the pants to age less well.

And because they’re made of natural fibres that are particularly attractive to silverfish and the like, it’s a good idea to store your Modibodi pants in a soft, dry laundry bag when not in use. With the right handling, each pair should last two years or longer.

How do I order my Modibodi pants?

Modibodi offers multi-pair packs and will knock 10 per cent off the price if you order a bundle, while a single pair starts at $23.50. While that may seem pricey for knickers, it’s worth considering how the cost of disposable incontinence products quickly adds up, and that Modibodi pants are a far more sustainable, environment-friendly option. After all, who wants to contribute to landfill in our beautiful country if it can be avoided?

Plus, Modibodi offers 10 per cent off if you sign up to receive its emails keeping you updated on its products, and a 30-day risk-free trial period in which you can return your pants for a refund in the unlikely event they don’t work for you. There’s also free shipping on orders over $100 and a six-month product guarantee. And delivery is contactless, so there’s no risk of compromising your self-isolation.

So if you reckon now is a good time to give another incontinence solution a go, there’s very little reason not to try. You can find out more about Modibodi here.

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IMPORTANT LEGAL INFO This article is of a general nature and FYI only, because it doesn’t take into account your personal health requirements or existing medical conditions. That means it’s not personalised health advice and shouldn’t be relied upon as if it is. Before making a health-related decision, you should work out if the info is appropriate for your situation and get professional medical advice.

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