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We can be forgiven for thinking drinking a glass of sparkling water is the same as drinking tap or filtered water – after all they look the same, except for the bubbles! But did you know that fizzy water is not actually benefiting your health?

Even when it’s unflavoured, fizzy water contains carbonic acid, which gives it bubbles. That acidity can gradually wear away tooth enamel. The good news is, it’s a relatively weak acid. And if you like to add some flavouring, such as SodaStream, this can bring the pH down, making the beverages even harsher on tooth enamel.

One 2007 study in which researchers exposed human teeth to flavoured sparkling waters for 30 minutes found the waters to be roughly as corrosive as orange juice. “It would be inappropriate to consider these flavoured sparkling waters as a healthy dental alternative to other acidic drinks,” that study concluded.

“For an average, healthy person, carbonated, sugar-free beverages are not going to be a main cavity-causing factor”, Andrew Swiatowicz, a dentist in Wilmington, Delaware told Atlantic. “If you are at all concerned, you can always dilute the carbonated water with regular water, or even just swish with regular water after”.

So how can you tell what will be bad for your teeth and health? Always read the ingredient list and keep a look out for additives, like sodium and sugar, to avoid negative consequences for your teeth and body. Be aware of the differences between fizzy waters:

  • Club soda (carbonated water)/sparkling water contains sodium
  • Soda water is very similar to club soda, but there is a notable difference between the two. Unlike soda water, mineral-like ingredients are added to club soda to enhance the flavour. If you look on the list of ingredients, you’ll likely see potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate listed.
  • Tonic water contains added sweeteners and flavours.
  • Flavoured sparkling water may have added citric acid or natural sweeteners, along with caffeine and sodium.

Tell us: will you be putting down the fizzy water?

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  1. Come off it! You are not talking to children who do have to worry about tooth decay. At my age my remaining teeth couldn’t give a damn, and the rest of my body would totally rebel at being denied a gin and tonic, or a scotch and soda. And what about beer? Isn’t that a fizzy drink? The only real thing I want to ban from my life is the fun police.

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  2. I just have plain water but I like it cold and if it is really hot I add ice and a slice of lemon

  3. We just can’t win can we. We stopped drinking diet cool drinks because of the artificial sweeteners and though soda water was a better way to go because of the no sugar thing and my hubby being a diabetic. Sometimes he adds a small amount of lemon cordial to it. Now even that is bad for us. I am sure scientists will find everything bad for us if they test it long enough.

  4. Soda water contains salt and there should be avoided by those on people on a low sodium diet. (The occasional gin and tonic never harmed anyone Ron Saunders)

  5. Ok, here we go again. Soda water, yes please, 50/50 scotch, rum, campari etc.etc.. Most of my knashers are man made so no need to worry eh?

  6. I drink 2.5 litres of soda water a day…my concern was the salt content but my gp said it was absolutely negligible…I have high bp and I didnt want to aggravate it…I think sugary drinks are the worst for your teeth and your weight.

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    • yes Suzanne same with me I drink about the same of soda water each day too, i just like bubbly drinks rather than plain water. my GP said it was fine too. bit of scare mongery in the article I think soon there will be nothing to eat or drink everything seems to be bad for us these days. !!

    • Lol…everything we eat or drink has a problem, here the tap water is full of chlorine but I do drink plain water normally, its just a treat the homebrand soda water…enjoy..:)

    • We have a soda stream and put a little fizz in the water….and I don’t flavour my water. Please don’t tell me it’s bad for me! I’ve given up all soft drinks, and only have one cup of tea a day.

    • We have a soda stream and put a little fizz in the water….and I don’t flavour my water. Please don’t tell me it’s bad for me! I’ve given up all soft drinks, and only have one cup of tea a day.

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