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Most of our hair washing routines follow the same formula: we wash with shampoo first, creating a good lather all over, then rinsing. We then apply conditioner all over, concentrating on the scalp, then rinse. Some apply a hair treatment, while others will step out, towel dry their hair or blow dry it, and wait for the results. Often, your hair can look limp and lifeless, even after a good wash or you use the same products your hairdresser does.

But did you know, there’s a little secret hairdressers use to give you that salon look? It’s all in the shampoo and how you apply it.

Next time you have a shower, do this:

1. Shampoo your hair, but don’t worry too much about the lather. Get it into your roots and ends, then rinse. Tip: a good shampoo shouldn’t need to rely on the lather, this can destroy your hair.

2. Shampoo your hair again, this step will be really washing it, as the first shampoo was just to get out the dirt.

3. Condition your hair, but only apply to the hair on your temples, your fringe, and your ends – that’s it. Leave for a minute and rinse.

Note: when you shampoo twice, you don’t need to use twice the product. Try using less in each step.

Tell us how you went!

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  1. Also try using conditioner first then shampoo. It works a treat. Always a good hair day

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  2. I have also shampooed twice. A lovely treatment for your hair is to leave your conditioner in and cover with an old shower cap. I put a mud mask on and relax for 20 minutes and then rinse off conditioner and mask. My hair is lovely and soft. I do this once a week. I told my hairdresser and she said it was as good as any salon treatment.

  3. It would appear I have been doing everything wrong lately. Only 2 weeks ago found out have been buttering toast incorrectly now it’s hair washing what’s next??? Not breathing correctly!!! I have fantastic hair (even if I do say so myself) so after 62 years I’ll keep washing hair as usual lol

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  4. Shampoo, shampoo, condition, some
    “product”, dry with mega-$ gold plated hair dryer, bit more “product”, straighten with another mega-$ hair straightener and the then last bit of “product” …. WHEWWW …… or do what I now do …. get my hair wet a couple of times a week under the shower and let it dry naturally. I no longer have hair that frizzes uncontrollably after it has been shampooed and it is certainly not greasy. The only problem I now have is what to do with all those bottles of shampoo, conditioner and product that are clogging up the bathroom cupboard!

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    • My husband hasn’t used shampoo or conditioner in years. Just rinses his hair under shower. I think all the product we put in our hair is the reason with have to use shampoo.

    • I think you are right – can’t remember having all this “stuff” when we were young. I no longer use deodorant because most of them make me itch – just makes you wonder what chemicals are in them.

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