Have you been going to the toilet all wrong?

What's your cleaning-up preference once you've used the loo?

People in different countries approach the post-toilet clean-up in their own way.

Because in Italy they clearly know the importance of anal hygiene. #bidetlife #bidet

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You have the bidet, which is a special sink for washing genitalia, popular in countries like Japan and Italy. Most have a hose like device to squirt water into your personal nooks and crannies to get the cleaning job done. Sometimes it’s just a hose attachment beside the toilet, rather than an extra bowl. It’s estimated that 90 per cent of homes in those countries have something like this.

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Some prefer wet wipes to get the job done. While there’s warnings of these wipes not really being flushable and clogging up our septic and sewer systems, not to mention our waterways, many claim they do the job that toilet paper doesn’t. There are warning with these too. Some contain ingredients, including perfumes, that cause irritation in places you don’t want irritated. 

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Then of course there is toilet paper, the preferred choice of most Brits, Americans and Australians. It’s certainly better for our sewers as it doesn’t clog like wipes do. It’s also a far cheaper alternative than wipes. That being said, there are some doctors saying there are very good reasons we shouldn’t use it, reports The Sun

Toilet paper might not get the whole job done. It can leave behind faeces. 

Your wiping technique is another issue. If you don’t clean correctly you could end up with urinary tract infections. Remember to wipe from front to back.

There’s more. If you have health issues, such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids, they can be irritated from excessive wiping.

What’s your post-poo preference?