Has a study revealed the new "Aussie Breakfast"?

While most of the country is waking up and getting their breakfast ready, many are ditching the “old favourites” for a new trend. According to a new survey, many Australians are “going green” with their breakfast as well as their power needs.  With many adding veggies to their morning cereal.

There are a lot of factors that can be shifting the current trend in breakfast.  The first being health as many are trying to cram healthier vegetables into as many meals as possible, but it could also be taste, reduce sugar intake, and even help your budget.  Many are trying to make meals stretch longer so the best way to do that is to add some healthy veg to keep you feeling fuller longer.

From the survey results, one of the most popular breakfast items is zucchini and oats or zoats as they are coming to be known as.  Others are adding herbs and spices such as the health trendy Tumeric to their breakfast while others are replacing milk in the cooking of oats with Greek Yogurt.

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Food stylist and recipe developer Jennifer Jenner also believes that it could have to do with those food pictures you see on social media.  As the study found that over two-million Australis post pictures of their breakfast as least once a week.  She said, “The opportunity to personalise and get more creative with different ingredients, flavours, textures and styling combos can make a simple brekkie bowl a real social media star”.  When asked what’s in her breakfast bowl Jennifer shared, “One of my current favourites is topping a bowl of porridge with a swirl of pureed pumpkin, walnuts, pear and honey.”

While some might find the new trend a little odd at first, Food sensory expert Cathy Gair from The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology told news.com.au, “Satisfying our senses naturally increases the variety of foods we eat and is an evolutionary trait that helps us meet all our nutritional needs by ensuring we get a range of vitamins and minerals from an array of different foods”.

What food combinations that you love have been called “odd” by others?  Would you be keen to try zoats for breakfast today?