Got back pain? This is why… and it has nothing to do with weight, age or large breasts

You may have been told your back pain is due to your weight, age or even large breasts, but doctors

You may have been told your back pain is due to your weight, age or even large breasts, but doctors have found the true reason and how to avoid it.

According to new research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), the shape of a woman’s side profile could be used as an indicator of neck and back problems.

Many woman report back pain from as young as 34, and now studies have shown why we can suffer from this point on – it’s down to posture. Yep! Mum was right.

Women whose heads lean forward are most likely to be currently suffering from back or neck pain (58%), followed by those with an arched back (56%).

Interestingly, women whose heads lean forward are also the most likely to suffer from back or neck pain ‘every day’.
We know our body shapes, but doctors are now urging us to take a look at our side shapes as well.
BCA Chiropractor, Tim Hutchful, said: “Rather than worrying about being an apple or an hourglass, we want people to think about what they look like from the side. Paying closer attention to your body’s side profile can really help to identify back or neck pain triggers”.
There are four side shapes:
• Spoon – flat back, rounded shoulders
• Leaning tower – head leans forward
• Bridge – arched back
• Flat-pack – flat back

To prevent or relieve your back pain, it is important to pinpoint your side shape so you know what to do when the pain starts… and it can be as easy as straightening up.
“The perfect posture should give you a neutral side-on appearance, with your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in line”, says Dr Hutchful.

“People who want to improve their back and neck pain symptoms through a better posture should try imagining they have a plumb line hanging straight from their ears to ankles – with everything in the middle sitting on the same line.

“One way to do this is to try standing in a relaxed way and then gently contracting the abdominal muscles. When sitting, the gravity line should pass thorough ear, shoulder and hip”.

The BCA has also developed a program of simple stretches and exercises that can improve posture and help prevent back pain by promoting balance, strength and flexibility in the spine, which can be viewed here.


Tell us, what type of side shape do you have? Do you suffer from back pain regularly?

  1. The only occasional back pain I suffer is muscular. 37 years ago I had a kidney operation and in those days no such thing as keyhole surgery. The scar is huge and cuts across my right side back muscles. Makes that muscle weak. I just have to be careful.

  2. My doctor got out his bones lol He has a copy of the backbone of a human and a dinosaur, both backbones looked very similar, he told me we were meant to walk on all 4’s that is why we all seem to have to have problems with our back in later life. Posture plays a big part in it but the disks and skeleton deteriorate with age

    • After a day at work on my feet all day sometimes I feel like an old dinosaur 😩😂

    • Barbara Reynolds um I am atheist I believe in evolution and my doctor is an intelligent man I think he might also, he is a qualified doctor..what are your qualifications?

    • I’ve never understood that whole Adam & Eve thing, if god says incest is a sin in the bible & we all came from Adam & Eve, well that means we are all the product of incest, their kids would have been sleeping with each other to start populating the world….Ewwww!!!😱😳

    • They made that Adam and Eve story up before they discovered DNA , if it had been true we all be seriously mentally disabled now. think some may be 🙂

  3. I’m 65, and from a very early age, I can still remember my mum saying “shoulders back”. Perhaps she was wiser than I thought.

  4. Going right to the foot can help. Without my orthotics or good shoes I get lower back pain after walking any distance. Rarely any trouble using my orthotics.

    • Same here Barbara, this also has helped me enormously, I do need to remind myself about posture though.

  5. Found out yesterday that I have L3 disc that is stuffed. Now for physio . Hoping it fixes & not surgery.

    • Physio made the pain much much worse for me finally had surgery when i was thirty but that to has its problems. But having said that I suffer from a major illness so you may have better luck than me. I go to a gentle chiro that does not crack anything she is fantastic.

  6. I have 6 lower back dics all stuffed and no they carnt operate i hurt my back at work and cant get any compensation because of the discs even though never had the pain before, the pain is so bad i am unable to work i am almost 63 and have always been ion aged care and worked really hard, dont know what i will do now!

  7. I have stuffed L5 which causes sciatica. Nothing much can be done about it.
    Damaged from a kicking I received from my first husband when he was drunk. He had steel capped boots on at the time.

  8. Yes, it’s all about the line of gravity and literally balancing equal body weight before and aft to make it easier to stand upright. As we get older, we tend to bow forward into a stoop and our posture starts to look, well, old. With ‘good’ posture the head is balanced squarely on the shoulders and weighs about 11lbs. But when the head is poked forward in front of the shoulders like a bird on a bough, it weighs over 40lbs. Passive hyper-extension over a yoga block (or BackBlock) helps restore the three gentle spinal curves (viewed side on) and realigns the skeleton closer to the line of gravity. Sarah Key MVO Physiotherapist

  9. A lot depends on the way u walk..many of us need orthotics to correct that problem..go visit your podiatrist

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