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Troublesome knees prevent you from doing activities you enjoy, compromise your fitness, are painful and put strain on the rest of the body.

Sufferers become trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle – the pain restricts our movements, as we compensate for our knee pain, yet makes matters worse.

So what are some of the keys to knee health?


First, be sure the knee is the problem

Our clinical research has found that 75 per cent of knee problems originate in the upper body. Patients are often surprised to find that the joint itself is not the cause. Mid-back, lower back, shoulder or gluteal issues can all cause knee pain.

Remember, the knee takes a lot of pressure. If our posture or mobility is compromised due to an upper body issue it can strain the knee joint.

A proper evaluation is essential before jumping to conclusions.



Restricting your mobility is a common trap with knee pain. It is an understandable and often unconscious reaction, but your knee needs mobility to stay healthy. Even just short, regular periods of movement, without pushing into severe pain, will help the knee until you get it diagnosed and improve your eventual recovery.


Low impact strengthening

Low impact exercise such as swimming or cycling is great for knees. Also consider yoga, tai chi and Pilates, which build strength via gentle movements. A strong knee will respond better to treatment and recover significantly faster.

And finally:


Don’t give in too quickly

Knee pain may feel like osteoarthritis, but too many people jump to this conclusion. It’s important to rule out other factors, such as injury, or an upper body or posture issue first.


Importantly, osteoarthritis does not have to mean the end of the road for your knees. Arthritis sufferers can still have good mobility and remain active physically provided they have a good regime in place, including a plan which builds tolerance gradually.

But you should always expect results quickly. As a rule, three treatments or less is enough time to tell if a physio treatment is working. If not, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion or try another treatment.


Do you have knee problems? What have you tried to get your mobility back? How has it affected your life? Tell us your stories below.


Kusal Goonewardena

Kusal is a physiotherapist with over 15 years’ experience at treating seniors, families and elite sportspeople. His clinical research has involved finding preventative cures for low back pain. Kusal has authored books including: Low Back Pain – 30 Days to Pain Free; 3 Minute Workouts; and co-authored Natural Healing: Quiet and Calm, all currently available via Wilkinson Publishing. Kusal holds a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from Latrobe University and a Bachelor in Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne. Aside from his consulting with the general public via his clinic, Elite Akademy, Kusal works closely with Melbourne University’s Sports Medicine team and works with elite athletes including several Olympians. When not consulting, Kusal is a lecturer, author, consultant and mentor to thousands of physiotherapy students around the world.

  1. Yes, have a bakers cyst, I use patches from local Chinese store. They take the pain away in about a half an hour.

  2. I have arthritis in knees restricting a lot of movement. I still stretch them everyday. I think it helps

  3. Im in a catch 22 for the last 3 months, stopped smoking, yeah! Incident injuring my achillies heel at wk! Booo, rest rest rest! Gained weight at a rate of knotts! Knees have arthritis, but do strech everyday for the muscles around the knees get very tight- do it in bed before getting up! Helps me!! I might try those patches too!

  4. I was supposed to have surgery for a torn meniscus in my knee. Due to an urgent medical issue with another family member, my surgery was put off. It has been over two years since the damage was done, and I think things have repaired themselves. No pain, no soreness. I keep the knees exercised by doing a lot of walking. So, no surgery for me unless things take a turn for the worse.

  5. touch wood I have never had knee trouble but it would be horrible in fact the only leg problems I have are a corn.I carn’;t get rid of it

  6. Kerry Pell , I had a corn removed from the doctors 2 weeks ago, painful for awhile but works, injection to numb area then corn taken out too the root. Doc says it will not come back.

  7. Both models in the photo promo would barely be 40 years old, if that. Get real!!!

  8. Brenda Griffiths. This is a photo of patches. I’m not a good photographer . I usually don’t believe in these things, but they work for me, my husband and friends. Hope they give relief.

  9. I use Salonpas Patches Brenda and they come in two sizes. The bigger one is too big for most ailments but is good for the lower back area. I have also used Zen Herbal Liniment with good results for both arthritis and muscle pain. I prefer the spray bottle to the cream. A new one I came across the other day and have tried is Stiff Sore + Sorry. It worked for me too. I have tried dozens of others but these seem to suit me the best. One thing I do find though is after 3 to 6 months they seem to stop working. I just stop using which ever one it is for 3 months and swap brands then reverse again 3 to 6 months later. The other thing, the old saying of “use it or lose it” is true I’m afraid. Try and get 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week and you will be amazed how you feel after a month or two.

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