Get happy and meet someone new by taking a look at yourself first
By Doug EdwardsIn HealthOn Monday 23rd Mar, 2015

Get happy and meet someone new by taking a look at yourself first

Your attitude to ‘singlehood’ will determine your eventual success… or lack of it.
It’s probably reasonable to say you get what you attract, or put another way, like attracts like. You must put a value on yourself and be honest with your self-evaluation; this exercise will avoid a lot of time consuming and embarrassing situations. A lot is pure common sense which is also required and notwithstanding nerves will, on most occasions, play a part when meeting a potential partner for the first time, or going to a singles club for friendship. Here are a few tips that should help.

If you have a low self image and can identify with the following areas, be truthful with yourself:

  • Poor health and low energy levels
  • Overweight
  • Mix with the wrong people
  • Apologise too often
  • Have sexual relations too soon when meeting a new partner
  • Lose control of your health including weight gain
  • Find yourself drinking too much
  • Try to please a new partner too much
  • Stay in a relationship that you know is not right for you
  • You constantly put yourself second

If the above hits a nerve with you then its time to act and start moving in a positive direction:

  • See a professional for advice. Your health and fitness should be a number one priority
  • Check your portions and avoid processed foods. Remember: if it’s white, it’s probably a processed food
  • Be selective with your friends, male and female. Life is not about meeting lots of people, it’s about meeting the right people!
  • Develop meaningful goals and interests
  • Don’t apologise too often, stay calm
  • Think before sex
  • Keep a constant eye on your weight and avoid drinking too much alcohol
  • Don’t try too hard to find and please that ‘perfect partner’
  • Don’t put up with a bad friendship/relationship, get out of it
  • Learn to elevate yourself out of second place

Engaging these self-help tips will increase your confidence and worth, and attract a better calibre of person into your life.

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