Pharmacists surprising tip for preventing the flu

The flu.
No-one likes getting sick, so do your best to prevent getting the flu.

One of the first things the experts will tell you, to beat the flu season it’s best to get the flu shot. But even that is not guaranteed to keep you germ free all the time.

There are plenty of other ways that you can fend off that sneezing feeling, not to mention the muscle aches, fatigue, running noses and coughs. These tips will also stop you passing it on if you’ve got it already.

Good hand washing is often the most important, and so is staying away from others to prevent passing it on. If you are coughing or sneezing it’s also recommended to do it into the crook of your elbow rather than your hands, because, well, then it comes back to that hand washing thing. Gross.

A good diet and exercise helps too.

But a Boots pharmacist in the UK has shared another tip to help the spread. It’s something that will come in handy when you’re at the pharmacy dosing up on your cold and flu meds. 

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In an article by The Express the Boots pharmacist, Angela Chalmer, says while you stock up on anti-viral gels and nasal sprays, putting your hands on shop counters might result in you catching those cold and flu germs.

She said keeping your hands to yourself will certainly help, in a few different ways.

“Help prevent getting a cold by being careful not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth when you’ve been in public spaces as this can transfer the virus to yourself,” said Chalmer.

“Particular watch-outs are handle bars on public transport and shop counters.”

What’s your best tip to beat the flu?