Five reasons why your marriage could be leading to weight gain

An American study has revealed that marriage can increase your likelihood of becoming obese, and that obesity-related behaviours are prevalent after just two years of living with the same partner! We all joke about the post-marriage bloat, so let’s examine its five major causes.

1. You and your husband have matching meals

Generally speaking, men are bigger eaters and fill up on extra carbohydrates and proteins. Most men love pastas and curries, where women would normally eat less rice or grains. The solution is to manage your portion sizes at dinnertime. Your plate should have about one handful of protein, and his a little more. If you’re both involved with meal preparation and planning menus for the week, each of you will be less likely to over-eat.

2. You’ve both become couch potatoes 

After years of marriage, kids and life together, it’s easy for couples to settle into a routine. Many of us finish our days in front of the television, often with a hearty snack or two. To stop yourselves from becoming a couch potatoes, get your husband involved with something new. Try ballroom dancing, take-up golf together or just head down to the beach. Changing up your routine will help you stay active together.

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3. You’ve forgotten to appreciate each other

Often married couples view themselves as “off the market”, and thats when marriage-bloat sets in. During our 60s, we sometimes forget the physical attraction that led us to our partners initially. Instead of falling into this rut, take the time to appreciate one another. Give your husband a compliment when he gets a haircut, and ask if he’s noticed your new perfume. Making an effort to appreciate each other at every life stage, will curb unhealthy habits.

4. You’ve stopped having sex

Weight-gain and sex are intrinsically linked, because we often let physical insecurities interfere with our libido. Having regular sex will mean we stay in touch with our partners, our bodies and still feel confident. This also means we’ll be less likely to reach for comfort foods, such as chips and chocolates, in place of sex. Indeed, sex releases endorphins and other feelgood hormones in the same way that sugary snacks do.

5. You drink together 

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A cheeky beer or wine together might not seem like much, but too much alcohol can sneak onto our waistlines. The solution is to manage your alcohol intake, and be mindful that just because one of you feels like winding down, doesn’t mean the other needs alcohol too. Instead, try opting for a cup of tea or caffeine-free coffee to round out the evening.

Do you believe that marriage made you fat? How do you and your husband approach health together?