Five easy methods to reduce foot odours

It is getting closer to summer, which unfortunately means we’ll all be sweating more. There is one particular body part that is prone to stinky odours: our feet.

Foot odour occurs when the material of our shoes combines with perspiration to create bacteria that leaves a bad secnt. We have a five solutions to help prevent and control the ‘cheesy feet’ smell.

1. Use salt water to kill bacteria

The salt in the water will pull out moisture from your feet and reduce the amount of bacteria that can survive there. Simply place 1/2 to 1 cup of salt into a large bowl of lukewarm water. Let your feet soak for 20 minutes. You can do this as often as you like.

2. Use tea to reduce pores

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Another option to reduce the moisture is using tea bags to soak your feet. The acid in the tea leaves will help close your pores and acts as a natural antibiotic that will kill the bacteria on your feet. Boil two black tea bags to 500 ml of water. Pour the boiled tea and 1 litre of cold water to a large bowl. Let your feet soak for 20 minutes.

3. Use baby powder to absorb moisture

This option of powder can be added directly to your shoes. The powder will absorb into your feet and soak up the moisture, and adding powder to your shoes is easy to do every day before you leave the house.

4. Use lavender oil to reduce odour

Lavender oil has anti-fungal properties that are effective to kill bacteria and help make your feet smell good. Simply put a few drops of lavender oil in a large bowl of lukewarm water. Let your feet soak for 20 minutes.

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5. Use sugar scrub to remove dead skin

In a bowl mix sugar, water and spirit alcohol until you have a thick sand consistency. Before scrubbing your feet with the mixture, soak them in lukewarm water. Then you can roughly apply the scrub to your feet. The sugar will remove the dead skin cells and the alcohol with kill the bacteria.


Do you have any other methods to reduce sweaty and smelly feet?