Everything you need to know about eye cream and how to find the right product

If you’re looking for an eye cream that hydrates under your eyes, chances are you’ve tried plenty of them and may be left wondering if there really is a magic cream for wrinkles.

Well, today, we’re going to show you how to find the right eye cream and how to tell if it will be effective.

We see products all over the shelves of supermarkets and cosmetic stores that guarantee they will get rid of wrinkles and rehydrate the skin. Some even say they can challenge the effects of a laser and penetrate layers of skin! We did some investigating and found out the truth about what you’re putting on your skin.

Products with important-sounding ingredients will get rid of wrinkles


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Anything with ‘tm’ after the ingredient is a trademark, such as “pro-xylane” or “stimulift”. These are made up names specifically aimed at targeting cosmetics consumers, with the only purpose to sound important, not do anything important.

Collagen creams will revitalise my face and give me back fullness:


Rubbing collagen on your face is definitely not the same as injecting it, despite what the label says. Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate pores, which is also up against the fact that collagen left at room temperature (i.e. on a shop shelf) is ineffective, according to the Journal of Cosmetic Science.

The coenzyme Q10 is in expensive products, so it must work:

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TRUE, sort of

One ingredient that is proven to remove lines is the coenzyme Q10 (or ubiquinone), however it will only remove very fine lines…i.e. the ones that can be seen through a microscope. There is evidence to suggest that retinoic acid (seen in products as retinol or pro-retinol) can ease wrinkles, however you’d need a prescription to get enough to make a difference.

But it has placenta or stem cells in it, aren’t they good for my skin?


There is no medical evidence to suggest the benefit of applying placenta or stem cells topically.

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This moisturiser promises it will rejuvenate my skin and new, younger skin will appear:


No cream or moisturiser can rejuvenate your skin unless it is an acid, such a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. They strip the skin and yes, new skin will appear, but it won’t have any less wrinkles, plus these acids are dangerous and irritable in high amounts.

The blurb on the cream/bottle says it has been tested in clinical trials and that it was shown to significant reduce lines, therefore it must be proven:


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A blurb that says the active formula in [insert any scientific sounding name] has recently been shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce that category of fine lines and facial wrinkles that can take off 10-15 years to your appearance”. Or perhaps “Studies show an 70% reduction in fine lines”. The reality is that these trials and studies are not independent and are instead performed by the company. You usually won’t be able to find any published documents about the studies, meaning there isn’t any true scientific research. Their claims are not true and the cream won’t do what it says it does, no matter how many times you apply it.

So what should I buy instead?

Although it seems putting money into the fountain of youth can end up being a dry wishing well, there are products that will nourish the area. Look for a moisturiser with ingredients that will protect and hydrate such as sorbolene and glycerine. You don’t have to pay hundreds, you can buy effective moisturisers with both for around $5.

The only sure fire way to get rid of wrinkles it to prevent them. Using a moisturiser on your neck, arms and face, as well as healthy diet, lots of water and sunscreen are the only medical proven ways, other than surgery.

If you must buy a cream, do your research before you buy and don’t just trust the label. Read reviews but don’t believe everything you hear.

Do you use skin creams? What were the results? Why do you use the creams? Is removing wrinkles important to you? Tell us below.