7 health benefits of a cold shower - if you can stand the shock!

Do you ever have cold showers?

There’s nothing better than hoping into a nice warm shower after a hectic day.

Not only does it leave you feeling clean, it can also be really relaxing. But while there’s certainly nothing wrong with a hot shower, numerous studies suggest that washing yourself with cold water can provide a bigger boost for your health.

So, how exactly can dousing yourself with cold water be beneficial? 

According to Medical Daily, there are plenty of reasons, so next time, instead of getting angry at a loved one for flushing the toilet or running the water while you’re in the shower, sending a burst of icy water over your head, think of the benefits it’s actually having on your body.

Boost your circulation

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Cold water sends blood rushing to surround your organs, stimulating your circulatory system and causing the arteries to pump more efficiently.

Lower stress

If you’re going through a stressful time, a cold shower can boost your tolerance to the emotional strain. The dramatic change in temperature can increase antioxidants that help the way our bodies respond to stressful situations.

Protect your hair

If your hair is your crowning glory, you may want to avoid hot showers. Not only can warm water dry out your hair, it can leave it looking lifeless and frizzy. Colder water can make your hair stronger and shiner. It also flattens your hair follicles, meaning your hair is less likely to fall out.

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Improve your skin

Did you know that cold water has the ability to temporarily tighten your skin? Similar to your hair, warm water can dry your skin out, while cold water can protect your pores from dirt and other harmful material by tightening them. Not only that, but cold water is les likely than hot water to strip our body of natural oils.

Be more alert

While cold water touching your body can certainly be a shock to the system, it can actually make you more alert. That’s because it makes you take deep breaths, increasing the oxygen levels in your body. This increases your heart beat and acts as a boost to your well-being for the entire day.

Head off depression

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While it sounds very scientific, cold showers are known to trigger cold receptors in your skin, sending large amounts of electrical impulses to your brain. What that simply means is that the cooler water produces somewhat of a mood-boost because of the physical reaction your body is having to the water.

Speed up recovery

If you’ve ever watched a sporting match, you’ll notice that a lot of athletes apply ice packs to their injuries. If you’ve got sore muscles or want to prevent your joints from aching, try having a cold shower. While you’re probably not going to be doing anything as strenuous as a professional footballer, you should find that the cold water soothes the pain.

Do you ever have a cold shower? Do you find it helps with your health?