Drinking this herbal tea could lower your risk of early mortality… if you’re a woman!

For centuries this herbal tea has been praised for health benefits, and how there is a scientific evidence to prove

For centuries this herbal tea has been praised for health benefits, and how there is a scientific evidence to prove it!

The University of Texas carried out a medical study spanning 7 years, which has ultimately concluded that chamomile tea can lower the risk of female mortality by up to 29 per cent.

Natural News reports that 1677 individuals were tested throughout the study, with 235 of these being chamomile tea drinkers. Interestingly, it revealed that women showed more health improvements and lower mortality than their male counterparts. Even when considering demographics, health conditions and health behaviours women still benefited from chamomile tea more than men, reducing their risk of preventing life-threatening disease.

Bret Howrey, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, claims that “women are shown to be more frequent users of chamomile than men.”

Natural news estimate that women drink chamomile for its ability to reduce stomach cramps and inflammation, consuming it more regularly than men due to hormonal fluctuations and fluid retention.

Chamomile tea contains a number of ingredients that have proven to boost immunity and eliminate bacteria as well as natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

The anti-inflammatory compounds may play a key role in prolonging life as there are many life threatening illnesses associated with chronic inflammation.

If you need some more convincing, Natural News reports that further studies have shown chamomile can also help balance blood sugar, reduce risk of heart disease and soothe digestive disorders.

Being, “known for centuries as a calming, soothing and stress relieving drink, chamomile offers consumers better sleep, less tension in tired muscles and a calmer, happier mind.

So, why not add a chamomile tea into your night time ritual?

Will you drink more chamomile?

  1. Just drink and eat in life what makes you happy, you will be a long time dead, so enjoy life now

  2. Love,love my Chamomile! I drink only herbals and instead of a cupboard,I have s tea drawer,which visitors love to test!

  3. That’s a thought and something to reconsider … I used to drink this when living and working in Auckland …

  4. Love chamomile tea especially with the vanilla and honey. I also have a tea box with 9 types of tea in it, 4 are types of chamomile. Try the one with spiced apple.

    • Marjorie  

      Love the spiced apple one Robyn.

  5. I’m not a tea drinker of any type, I will still enjoy my couple of cups of coffee each day thank you!

  6. Suzie Hinds if this includes Green Tea, you will live forever 😂😂😂😂😂

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