Doing this every day halves your chance of dying early 21



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There are so many different things we can do to improve our health, some easier than others. But surely when the odds are this good, it’s time to stand up and listen?

A study by the George Institute for Global Health has found that an increase from 1000 steps per day to 10,000 can cut a sedentary person’s risk of dying early by a whopping 46 per cent.

Even an increase to 3000 steps a day, five days a week, will reduce your mortality rate by 12 per cent, the landmark study found.

The researchers wanted to see if there was a direct link between exercise and reduced mortality over time in people who appeared healthy at the outset.

They monitored 4000 middle-age Australians with an average age of 58, using pedometers to measure the number of steps they took each day.

“The participants were given pedometers and data was collected at the beginning and again approximately five years later during the trial to measure the number of steps they took each day,” said Professor Terry Dwyer of the George Institute for Global Health.

Until now, studies like this have relied on people recording their physical activity with a dairy, which can lead to problems with accuracy.

So does that mean you should rush out and buy a pedometer? Or what about a FitBit?

Well, if the sound of a 50 per cent increase in life expectancy sounds good, it’s not such a bad idea!

Do you use a tracking device to record your steps and activity? Would you consider it? Do you consider yourself a sedentary or active person? 

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  1. Something like a Fitbit is great because you can wear it all the time and it also monitors sleep and you can put in if you do extra exercise. I just wish that these articles would caution people that if they are only doing around 1000 steps a day, don’t make 10000 you first goal! Increase your goal by 500 steps a time. Some people will never achieve the desired 10000 steps a day so need to be reassured that any amount extra is beneficial.

  2. I use a Fitbit and am amazed at how it encourages me to do more. It sends me a message to remind me that only 2000 more steps will get me to my 10000 so off I go to get up to my total

  3. Would that be Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy? 🙂

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  4. We have Fitbits.They do give you a good idea how many steps you have done each day.We find you need to do a 30min walk at least to get to the 10000 steps recommended.Of course they don’t measure any other kind of exercise you might do like gardening and housework!

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  5. Any movement is better than no movement at all. I don’t have one of these thingamejigs but I walk 4 k with a 10 kilo pack in an hour with my treadmill on elevation 10. I do this 3-5 times a week. Then I do 20-30 squats and 30 pushups off a wall. Only walked for 50 mins yesterday it was so hot. Anything is better than nothing.

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    • I couldn’t do what you do because of problems with my back but as you say anything is better than nothing. Some people would be shocked if they knew how little they did do. I know I was!

  6. I have a pedometer. I use it constantly. I have a friend wgo gets at least 12000 stepa a day, but she is twn years tounger than me and healthy. I havent been able to get past 5000 so far. I am walking more aince my hip operation but the lung diaease is what stops me. I wpnder if it will make a difference to me ans people like me? I guess yess as the more walking you do, the better your lungs work, even if irs not to full capacity.

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    • Definite Fran keep walking. My daughter is a very bad asthmatic and about a year ago she started Ballroom dancing. Her doctor has been amazed at how her lung capacity has increased.

  7. Try walking every day but getting harder with a seriously ill husband so thinking of getting a treadmill

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