Doctors issue health warning over this common fruit

While we’re usually told to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, doctors are now warning that one popular
People are being warned before serving this fruit.

While we’re usually told to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, doctors are now warning that one popular fruit can actually be incredibly dangerous.

There’s no denying that fruit is a great healthy option for us all, but doctors say there’s one in particular that can put lives at risk: grapes.

While the experts agree grapes are a healthy snack option, it’s the fact that they can quickly turn into choking hazards that has experts worried – especially when it comes to feeding them to our grandchildren and the elderly.

A new study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood has gone as far as to demand that supermarkets put warning labels on bags of grapes to tell people they can cause choking and subsequent death.

But is this a little over dramatic?

Dr Jamie Cooper who co-authored the study says there is an increasing amount of children being admitted to hospital after choking on grapes and says parents and grandparents should be warned.

“We only see the tip of the iceberg, we only see it when it is not alleviated,” Dr Cooper told The Guardian, saying there are many cases of children choking on grapes that aren’t reported.

“Whole grapes are ideally suited to cause paediatric airway obstruction and, though regularly implicated, knowledge that this popular fruit, and other similarly shaped foods, is a choking hazard is not widespread.

“Ideally we would like supermarkets and big chains to consider putting some choking hazard warning labels on [grapes], just like they do on toys and other things.”

While it’s an excellent warning for anyone who spends time with their grandchild, some are saying issuing a warning label on all bags of grapes is overkill.

“People have been living for hundreds of years eating grapes and the majority of us have miraculously survived. I think we’ll be fine doctor,” wrote one woman.

Others though, supported his plea.

“My granddaughter choked on a grape when I was looking after her just a few weeks ago. I had to grab her around the middle and hit her back until it popped out. It was very scary. Everyone should be warned,” said another.

Do you think grapes should come with a warning? Or is this overkill again?

  1. Ann Day  

    another statement controlling what we do by the nanny brigade. more people have choked on meat than grapes so maybe we should ban food altogether.

  2. Mary Ryan  

    Geez. Modern parents seem to need so much help to raise their kids. Not sure how the rest of us managed for thousands of years.

  3. Dave  

    I think I might stay in bed, to dangerous out there.

  4. Peter McKenzie  

    What a crock of you know what,perhaps we should put everything threw a mixer.

  5. [email protected]  

    I think its a great idea to warn people of the choking hazard of grapes. we wouldn’t let children put marbles in their mouths,would we? and remember that grapes were not so readily available when we were children.

  6. Michele  

    Common sense! What other things need warning labels??
    Food is meant to be chewed not swallowed whole. Thank heavens my 6 children survived and they ate fruit and loved grapes as do my grandchildren.

  7. Marsh! I don’t know where you were as a child but I had plent of grapes when I was a child. Many, many people had grape vines growing in their backyards back then.

  8. Alec McCracken  

    Perhaps the fact that so many of the newer varieties of table grapes have much larger berries than 30 or 40 years ago is contributing to the current problem. ( No pun intended, although currants have an very small berry and would possibly be harder to choke on ! )

  9. Joan Jones  

    I think the magnatized silver balls in some childrens’ games, pose a far greater hazard . Grapes are far easier to controll

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