Do you still take the time to care for your hair? Or does it feel like a lost cause?

We recently raised the subject of hair styling with the Starts at 60 community. The responses could not have been more varied.

Today we’d like to ask our readers:
Does it still feel worthwhile to spend time on your hair?

Is it a daily ritual, or an afterthought? Does a trip to the hairdresser feel like an indulgence, or an obligation?

Do obstacles like hair loss take away the joy of styling your hair?

For some, it’s all about practicality: a monthly haircut, a wash twice a week, and little more worry than that. For others, it was still a point of pride: a chance to continually define and reinvent your own identity.

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Only one thing is abundantly clear: hair does not get any easier to maintain with age. For all too many in our community, thinning hair and hair loss are an unfortunate reality.

In men, hair loss can lead to baldness. In women, the effect is a more subtle and gradual effect resulting in thin, sparse hair. (For more information, please see our recent guide: Why is my hair thinning?)

While this is natural, it is not necessarily inevitable. In fact, for many, it can even be reversible.

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This conversation piece is sponsored by évolis®. It was written as we feel it delivers valuable insights into a subject important to the Starts at 60 community. For more information, please visit the évolis® website.