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People talk of the flu season but for many, it seems to last all year. The current flu vaccines available can protect us up to a point, but now the Government is preparing to go to the next level and give Australians access to an even stronger vaccine.

Announced yesterday by Health Minister Sussan Ley, the 2016 flu vaccine will cover four flu strains instead of three.

Ms Ley said the new vaccine would include the Brisbane and Phuket strains of the influenza virus, which contributed to the record 90,000 flu cases this year.

The flu season seemed to get worse and not better, with 25,000 more cases than last year.

Ms Ley said the strains in next year’s quadrivalent (four strain) vaccine will align with World Health Organisation recommendations.

“The Government currently spends upwards of $40 million immunising Australians against the flu, which poses serious health, social, productivity and economic threats to our community every year,” Ms Ley said.

“We’ve seen another high flu season this year which saw a number of influenza viruses circulating, including both the Brisbane and the Phuket influenza B strains.

“Today’s announcement to move to a quadrivalent vaccine means that the best possible protection will be available free to the people who most need it.

“It’s also important to remember we may be seeing more cases because more people are taking their flu symptoms seriously and going to see their doctor. This is an important public message to continue to promote in order to stop the spread and severity of the virus and its impacts on patients.

“In order to ensure we have full coverage of our population with no gaps, we will offer two vaccines in 2016 – one for people aged three years and over and one that is specifically tailored for children under three”, she said.

More information on when the new flu vaccine would be available under the NIP is likely to be announced early next year.

People over 65 are considered most at risk, along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are aged younger than five and older than 15 years, pregnant women, and people with certain medical conditions.

Ms Ley said Australians not eligible for vaccinations under the NIP would still be able to access seasonal flu vaccinations through their GP, employer or other allied health professionals.


Tell us, did you get the flu vaccine this year? Did you avoid the flu?

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  1. Yes. I have stayed virtually flu free for many years despite being a teacher due I am sure to having the flu vaccination every year.

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    • I worked in schools as a teacher aide, I don’t get the flu and don’t have the vaccine ? Sometimes I think a strong healthy immunise system helps.

    • Lee Horrocks It certainly does. Also perhaps as a teacher aide you were closely involved with only a small number of students. However wtf does it matter? We have both managed to be flu free, that is the main thing.

    • I was involved with the whole class in pre school, prep and year one, in these age groups you are truly an aide to the teacher.

  2. Did I get the flu vaccine this year? Yes.

    Did I avoid the flu? Yes B|

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    • Interesting, i am not going to have the vaccine, how many different strains of flu can they come up with.

    • Have I every had the flu vaccine previous to this year? No
      Did I avoid the flu previously? Mostly
      Did the flu vaccine help me this year? Definitely not!!!

    • That’s what the corrupt pharma companies want you to believe, Judy. It’s just a convenient excuse for when flu rates go up in spite of more people getting the vaccine.

  3. I have never had a flu vaccine and really have only had the flu a few times in my life. I have noticed that whenever i have had the flu it is always when I haven’t been looking after my health and being careless with my diet. My strategy to stave off the flu is to avoid dairy and refined sugar, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and increase Vit D intake (through sun or tablets). I don’t believe the vaccine protects at all, most people I know who get it also get the flu.

    6 REPLY
    • Unlike Kerry, I would say you are a smart woman with an excellent understanding of your own body. Like you I’m not mindlessly injecting adjuvants into my body especially when the efficacy is so low. The pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t like it when we think for ourselves though do they? And as governments accept large donations from Big Pharma, they don’t like it either.

    • Helen Absolon the flu injection dosent STOP you from getting the flu but it stops you from getting it as bad as it would without it so i was told by my doctor.

  4. After having the flu and pneumonia vaccine, then just a few weeks later getting influenza B, I’m not sure if I’d be first in line for the mega or avoiding it altogether. I was so sick for six weeks I’m not sure I’d survive and run in with any flu.

  5. I notice they say in the article that pregnant women are recommended to get the flu vaccine. Funny thing is, if you read the package insert it specifically says ‘ not tested for safety in pregnancy’.

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    • Probably not tested on women either as most testing is on the less complex males of our species. Shame males and females don’t react in the same manner.

  6. Yes I will, I do every year, I’m not into taking risks with my health, whatever protection I can get is better than no protection at all, especially as we get older

  7. I’ve had a flu shot for about 4 years and seldom have so much as a cold but 2 years ago I was very ill and diagnosed with swine flu.

  8. I usually get a flu shot before we travel. I don’t think anywhere is a bigger source of germs and infection than the air on a plane. I never had so many bugs as when I flew regularly while working.

  9. Don’t need any ‘foreign bodies’ in my body! Don’t remember ever having the ‘flu’…

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