Do you get plenty of sleep but still have dark circles under your eyes?

Many people assume that dark circles are the result of lack of sleep, however, there are three other unusual causes that have nothing to do with sleep.

We take a look at these problems and suggest possible solutions to help you look and feel beautiful.


1. Seasonal Allergies 

The constant congestion from your sinuses can prompt the vessels under your eyes to swell. For some people this creates a purplish hue from the enlarged veins under the delicate skin under your eyes. Then to top it off, you are likely rubbing your eyes as they’re itchy and irritated so it can make the dark circles appear worse.

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Solution: try to soothe your allergies with antihistamines or nasal spray. Take your medication on a regular basis to be preventative of a possible reaction.


2. Eczema 

This chronic skin condition typically begins as a child and causes red or itchy rashes. They are caused by specific triggers like soaps or certain fabrics. This inflammation can lead to darkened circles under your eyelids because of rubbing and dry skin.

Solution: moisture your face daily with a gentle cream. By now you likely realise which ingredients trigger your reaction and if not, consult a dermatologist because you may require a prescription for the sensitive area.

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3. Ageing skin

The skin under your eyes is particularly susceptible to becoming thinner and losing collagen as you get older. It makes it more translucent and so your veins show more. Accordingly, the dark circles under your eyes show.

Solution: apply gentle eye or face cream to the area that contains retinol to help boost collagen production and decrease the appearance of dark circles. Another trick is to wear sunglasses when outside and SPF sunscreen every day. Any UV exposure can speed the process of ageing skin.


Tell us, do you struggle with dark circles under your eyes? What did you do about it?