DIY foot reflexology for a peaceful sleep

A good night’s sleep is a chance for your body and mind to recover. However, sometimes a stressful day leaves you tossing and turning, which makes it difficult to wake in the morning. Do you struggle to get a restful sleep?

Instead of reaching for chemical sleep aids that could lead to dependency, try this natural reflexology approach for a better nights rest. You can conduct this quick little session before bedtime to help give you a peaceful slumber.

The guide below of foot reflexology highlights certain points that can subtly impact your whole body. For instance, your toes reflect the head and the ball of the foot reflects the chest. A simple reflexology routine on your feet can help you get to sleep naturally. This is because there are nearly 15,000 nerves in your feet! Use the chart below and incorporate this 15-minute routine of just four steps for a better sleep.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.26.09 AMImage source:

1. Relax your feet.

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One at a time, press and squeeze or gently kneed – whatever feels good. Then, press your thumb on the solar plexus point for about 5-10 seconds each; this encourages relaxation.

2. ‘Walk’ your thumb on the bottom of each foot. 

Use your thumb to ‘walk’ from the base of the heel to each toe. Follow the image guide: press reflex points with the edge of your thumb as your make your way up the bottom of the foot.

3. Repeat and finish by pressing thumb on solar plexus on both feet. 

4. End with ‘breeze strokes’

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Gently run your fingertips down the top, bottom and side of your foot (barely touching the skin). Repeat multiple times; it helps to soothe the nerves.

The reflexology process encourages a state of relaxation, which can easily be added to your bedtime ritual.


Tell us, will you try this reflexology process? Have you ever tried foot reflexology?