Ditch caffeine with these healthy alternatives!

If you are struggling to get through the day without a few shots of coffee this might be a sign you need

If you are struggling to get through the day without a few shots of coffee this might be a sign you need to lay off for a while.

Although coffee might be your first point of call when you’re feeling tired or drained, there are some healthier alternatives, which may actually give you more energy.

So, instead of reaching for that warm cup of coffee, here are some suggestions for starting your day:


Apples contain plenty of healthy fats and these are a sure-fire way to wake you up! Eating the carbohydrates, natural sugars and soluble fibre in apples can give you just as much energy as coffee – without the addiction!


If you aren’t a fan of apples, bananas are the next best option. Bananas are a great source of natural energy that will burn steadily throughout the day.

If you aren’t enticed by either of these options they offer some other alternatives including: warm lemon water, green tea and plenty of water.


When lemon is heated it is said to contain natural energisers and mood boosters.

Green Tea:

Green tea has metabolism-boosting capabilities and although it does contain some caffeine it is much lower than coffee.


Lastly, dehydration can be a big cause of fatigue which is often mistaken for a bad night’s sleep. Ensuring you are drinking enough water each day may decrease your need to turn to coffee.

If all else fails and you need a delicious cup of coffee, maybe try half strength or even decaf? Sometimes it is just the act or idea of drinking a coffee that gets us through.

Will you try any of these alternatives?

  1. Apple, bananas, green tea, water all good and already included in everyday eating. Give up coffee – NO WAY. Life is too short not to drink good coffee and I’m over people telling me it’s no good for me.

    • I dont drink coffee ,just because I can’t stand the smell of it ,love cups of tea and fresh orange juice ,

    • Green tea is loaded with caffiene according to the experts you can buy decaf green tea as an alternative.

    • Well Rhonda if your ever end up with a galloping heart beat you will give it up in a flash and discover that decaf tastes just the same and you still get that mmmm feeling on your 1st moothful.

  2. I don’t know about all that, but this cutie put a smile on me & picked me up this morning 😄

  3. I enjoy a good cup of coffee but also incorporate home made mint tea or green tea at times

  4. Can’t have coffee anymore so weak black tea, we have a coffee machine for the rest of the world and I adore the smell, but it’s not a hardship worse things in life.

  5. Due to a heart problem(ventricular tachicardia) the heart beats to fast i was forced to avoid caffiene at all costs so i drink decaffinated coffee,tea and cola(pepsi produces decaf cola)after an initial period of yuk…i now find that i enjoy decaf as much as the real mcCOy….just proves it is all in the mind of the consumer.

    • Pauline the best Decaf coffee is available at Aldi it is great the next best is coles own brand and running a poor and expensive 3rd is nescafe.

    • “How many decaf coffee drinkers know that the majority of conventionally decaffeinated coffee is produced by soaking coffee beans in a toxic soup of solvents like methylene chloride, a suspected human carcinogen, which targets the central nervous system or ethyl acetate a central nervous system poison and also considered harmful to the kidneys and liver?
      According to the Organic Trade Association (OTA) organic coffee is decaffeinated in a way that doesn’t violate organic standards. Two methods are permitted that comply with federal organic standards: a SWISS WATER process, an exclusively water based decaffeination process or a non-toxic carbon dioxide (CO2) process.”

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