Dealing with Restless Leg Sydrome

One of the most annoying, unexplainable thing our bodies does is make our legs restless. Our fidgety legs can keep
RLS can hit at the most inconvenient times.

One of the most annoying, unexplainable thing our bodies does is make our legs restless. Our fidgety legs can keep us up to all hours and frustrate us to no end.

It is more common in women than men and those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) often have aches, pains, or sensations in the legs when they’re laying down or sitting. Your legs feel like getting up and going somewhere even though the rest of your body and mind are ready for sleep!

The symptoms of RLS can vary from person to person with some people experience mild symptoms every now and then, while others may have more severe symptoms. But no matter what your level of restlessness is, there are some solutions you can try to alleviate the annoying feeling.

1. Take a walk

Getting at least 20 minutes of exercise every day can go a long way towards reducing your RLS symptoms. If you still have the urge to move your legs when you’re trying to rest at night, have a quick walk to the kitchen or bathroom to kick the feeling.

2. Apply menthol cream or ointment

Tiger Balm, Vapor Rub and even deep heat creams can help relieve your symptoms and relax the muscles in your legs. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying as these creams can sting if you touch your eyes.

3. Wear socks

Some experts have found that a lot of people who suffer from restless legs syndrome also seem to have cold feet, so pop some socks on to keep them warm.

4. Massage

When you feel discomfort, lift your legs and give them a rub or massage – or better yet, have someone else do it for you!

5. Distractions

Before bed, do a crossword or puzzle to keep your mind off your legs. You might find you fall asleep despite the annoying feeling.

6. Bar of soap

This has yet to be proven by science but a lot of anecdotal evidence shows that putting a bar of lavender soap under your sheets near your feet can relax your legs. Worth a shot, right!?

7. Reduce your stress levels

RLS is often brought on by stress and anxiety, so try to reduce stress with relaxation techniques, such as breathing and meditation, or even yoga. Other activities such as colouring in can take your mind off your daily stresses.

8. Drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea helps to relax you and induce sleep, plus it tastes great.

9. Apple cider vinegar

ACV is such a great cure all and some swear a tablespoon mixed with a cup of water before bed to relieve RLS symptoms.

10. Supplements

RLS can be brought on by deficiencies in iron, folate, and magnesium so taking a supplement to help your levels can help reduce the symptoms and ease those unpleasant sensations in your legs.

Do you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome? How do you handle it?

  1. Barry Ross  

    I have found that taking MagPhos tablets are very beneficial.

    • June deRon  

      Take magnesium chelate. It must be chelate because the body absorbs it easily and quickly. Works a treat

  2. Linda Piddick  

    Chooks ‘lay’ eggs – we ‘lie’ down!!!

    • Freddie Kruger  

      The past tense of lie is lay, so

      Last week, Steve lay down on the floor.
      The cat lay in the mud after it rained yesterday.

  3. Christina Patterson  

    Have been putting lavender soap under my pillow when I go to sleep ,but hadn’t here about putting it near your feet.will definitely try this

    • Jan McK  

      As weird as it sounds, I put a bar of soap (not lavender even) under the undersheet and it gave me immediate relief. I thought it might have been auto-suggestion, but it worked the next night too. Just have it next to my bed ready now!

  4. Linda Lawrence  

    I have tried all of these the only thing that works is Sifrol prescription tablets

    • Pam  

      I am with Linda – Sifrol. Grant it when they are EXTRA bad, I also have to walk, shower, take Panadol or try any number of other things. Tried the soap to no avail.

    • Kate  

      Hi, I used Sifrol for 5 years and it has a tendency to “augment” RLS symptoms after about that time. This means the symptoms of RLS become a 24/7 experience and you will need then to change medication. It is a shame this happens as it was the only thing at the time which gave me any relief from RLS. I now use iron tablets.

  5. Jill Jackson  

    I’m the same Linda, Sifrol is the only thing that works for me. I’ve taken bottles and bottles of magnesium to no avail. I find the bar of soap helps with cramps but not for RLS

  6. Heather Wallace  

    Over many years I have tried many ‘cures’ for my restless legs syndrome, but it wasn’t until It was suggested that I drink a small bottle of Indian Tonic Water each day that I found relief. Indian Tonic Water contains quinine which helps RLS and can be purchased at supermarkets. I have been drinking the Tonic water for about three years and after the first couple of nights I have not suffered with RLS. I now have a bottle three times a week and mix the Tonic water with lemon, lime and bitters cordial which is very refreshing.

    • Lorene  

      A neighbour of mine swears by tonic water to help her cramps at night too Heather.

  7. Chris Bekker  

    Most of those suggested remedies are laughable. It’s VERY distressing. I take 2 Magnesium Chelate capsules, when it starts at night. Sometimes get it during the day as well. Usually after activity.

  8. Thecla Roberts  

    I have suffered over 40 yrs .tried many things and different medications. Now on Sifrol taken in the evening which works but if it comes on suddenly at 4am or through the day I have to put up with it. Once stood up on a flight all the way from NY to Sydney as I forgot to put my Sifrol in my carry on. I’ve had major back surgery and knee surgery and the RLS sure causes me lots of trouble there.Need more research done on RLS

  9. Lucy Taylor  

    I am 73 years old and suffered RLS since I was 34. I tried all the tricks suggested, only baths so hot I could hardly sit down in the bath helped for short times enough to get some rest. I got to the stage I couldn’t even sit long enough to have breakfast, I watched TV standing behind the lounge chair walking on the spot. I had Cabaser for about 18 years that helped at first but had to keep upping the dose, they took it off the market as people were suing because it caused gambling addiction, No! that is not a joke, Australia still dispensed Cabaser even though all other countries has banned it many years before. It also caused really bad hallucinations in some people I was one of them, I even ended up in a freezing cold bath at 2.15am not knowing how I got there or even running a bath, I ended up in hospital having had 3 episodes of Sleep Paralysis in a row one night scared my son he thought I was dying, but it wasn’t till Australia was starting to get sued that they took it off the market too. I was put on Sifrol, and within 5 months with doses of 375mg at night, and 25mg morning I had hallucinations again. I have friends that have suffered similar problems, so be cautious of high doses of Sifrol, it also reacts badly to other medications. I know some people won’t want to know how I after 39 years in pain as well as depressed even to strong suicidal thoughts from lack of sleep from RLS as the pills barely worked anymore I was cured of RLS and no longer take any medication for it.
    I was on holiday in the eastern states, that was ruined because of the RLS as we traveled by plane as well as toured in a car, the final straw broke me when I couldn’t sit in a restaurant and wait for my meal, 20 mins was all, I walked up and down outside crying I was in unbearable pain and couldn’t sit. We quickly ate our meal and went home, I couldn’t even sit or lie down and couldn’t stop crying, the RLS was so bad just as well the windows are sealed in high floors, that was how bad I was. I was facing a 5-hour plane trip back to Perth the next day and had no idea how I was going to do that. my partner at the time tried praying but no result, he then called a Christian friend in Perth WA and he asked me to describe the pain, he then rang another friend and we had a three-way conversation, these two men prayed for me and within 5 mins at most the pain and restlessness went away. I went to bed and within an hour all pain and restlessness ceased. I traveled on the plane pain-free, that was 2 years ago and I have never had RLS since or taken medication for it thank God.
    I am not preaching here just imparting my story. Be aware of the medication especially if you have other meds even vitamins or drink alcohol.
    Stay safe and God bless all you sufferers.

    • Hello Lucy. I am 65 & had severe RLS for so many years. Like you I have tried every remedy known to mankind & Sifrol is the only respite I get now. Lucy, I know this may not be allowed on this site but I took heart in your RLS story and I find it feels comforting to know others are going through similar trauma. I have recently written a book about my RLS life experiences and I was wondering if it might be appropriate for me to ask you if you might consider allowing me to quote your story as part of my book. I have other RLS sufferers who have offered their experiences also and the knowledge that we are not alone is heartwarming to say the least. Kind regards. Kaye

  10. Robin Henry  

    I’ve had RLS on several occasions, but not now for several years. The worst I ever had was flying between Aberdeen, Scotland and Melbourne on a long-haul flight and then having to travel Melbourne to Alice Springs. Not long after the flight began my legs became restless and nearly drove me nuts. Had I been able to, I probably would have opened the door and jumped out of the plane.

    The cause is inexplicable, but I take a calcium and a zinc tablet daily and think that these may help (no science here) as I haven’t had the problem for years now since taking these supplements. Hopefully, I’ll never get RLS again as it’s horrible.

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