Could this stop Australia's most serious form of cancer?

Australian’s love the sun – there’s no doubt about that! However, as the country with the highest rate of skin cancer, it’s something that we definitely need to change. A team of scientists from Ireland believe they have created a product that could help people all over the world to prevent contracting skin cancer.

The device is a small wrist band that changes colour when the wear has had too much sun exposure – before their skin begins to burn. The Daily Mail reports that they are in prototype stages and are made of clear plastic. They contain a blue dye and metal powder. The powder absorbs UV light and transfers the energy to the dye, gradually breaking down the blue colour.When it turns clear, it is a sign that the person has had enough sun for the day and it is time to seek out some shade.

This could change everything for people, especially those who love the sun. The current figures indicate that two in three people will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. So imagine if every child didn’t just had to monitor their own sunscreen use and sun protection habits, but they had a clear indicator of when enough is enough…

To think that while we were growing up sunscreen didn’t even exist – yet now we’re fighting against the most common form of skin cancer.

These bands are believed to not be ridiculously expensive and are expected to be available for purchase at around $0.50 per band.

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While there is no safe way to sunbathe, this could be great for us while spending time outside wanting to maximise all areas of our health.


So tell us, would you like to see these available to people in Australia? Would you like to see your grandkids wearing them?