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For those of us who travel overseas from time-to-time, jet lag is an all too familiar downside to the trip. Living in such an isolated location in the world means that flying practically anywhere other than the Asia Pacific region results in complete confusion for our body clock. But now scientists have created a pill that could spell the end for jet lag…

The new pill has been developed that can reset the body clock and end the sleeplessness of shift workers, travellers and insomniacs. Our body clock is used to synchronising every 24 hours and is regulated by our bodily senses and how we see light and dark.

We get jet lag when our body expects to see dark and it’s light, or vice versa, and gets confused and fatigued. Surely having jet lag from time to time is fine? Actually, it could lead to stress, heart disease and even cancer.

In trials, the experimental drug has shown that it can trick the body into thinking day is night and night is day – a breakthrough for so many people who are sick of feeling flat when they travel through different time zones or have night shifts.

16 healthy volunteers were tested in isolation chambers with the tablet that was created by Canadian scientists, and it was a success. White blood cells contain biological clocks controlled by a switch deep within the brain, but the pills containing the steroid-based compound glucocorticoid can effectively reset the settings.

There are some over-the-counter medications that say they can decrease the effects of jet lag, however this is the only one that is clinically tested and is backed by science.

There’s no doubt that if this is available in Australia that many of us will want to use it, particularly those who travel to the US and UK regularly. We’ll keep our eyes peeled!


Would you use a pill to get rid of jet lag? Have you felt the effects badly before? What happened? Tell us below.

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  1. I use No Jet Lag a homeopathic remedy made in NZ. Have made several long range flights to the other side of the world and am always ready to go when I arrive. Its really great stuff!

  2. I suffered very badly in September. No stop over and even flying business class didn’t alleviate the jet lag. Would welcome something that genuinely worked.

  3. I will be not travelling OS anymore, however I think this is wonderful! I have done many trips OS and jet lag is hell! Especially arriving and being expected to function as if it is just another normal day… If you arrive in daylight, to look into the sun as soon as you arrive apparently helps, but I never noticed any difference. I did notice flying East to West was better than West to East.

  4. The one thing that would truly transform air travel into something that preserves human dignity would be anaesthesia.

  5. Kiwis have had anti jetlag tablets for years. They reset your body clock every 2 hours. You can land in the uk after 26 hrs running!!

  6. Yes Judy Foster, I also use the gentle no side effects,Jet Eze(the name in Australia) from NZ. It is absolutely marvellous and just sucking one little pill every 2 hours is so easy. As you say Rosalie McGowan you hit the deck running! My chemist doesn’t keep them anymore, so I get them from the chemist at the airport.

  7. I have used stillnoxs on long haul flights on occasions but I am always afraid I will wake up in handcuffs !!!!

  8. The only way to avoid jet lag flying East west as in flying to Europe or America is to go by boat —- it really works !!!

  9. Stillnox is very dangerous don’t take
    I took it in Singapore and unknown to me I was sleepwalking not good on 30th floor apartment

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