Could this drug save all the problems in the world?

Imagine a world where every single person felt compassion. Imagine a world where everyone was kind. Imagine a world where no one could hate another person. Imagine a world where people only make decisions that were good for the people around them. It sounds like an unrealistic utopian dream however one team of scientists could change that forever.

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The team from the University of California, Berkeley area investigating a drug that changes the neurochemical balance of the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for personality, social behaviour and decision making.

The researchers believe that it could possibly be used to treat mental illnesses including schizophrenia and addiction.

A leader of the research, Ming Hsu has said, “Our study shows how studying basic scientific questions about human nature can, in fact, provide important insights into diagnosis and treatment of social dysfunctions.”

“Our hope is that medications targeting social function may someday be used to treat these disabling conditions,” added Andrew Kayser, another leader on the study.

What the drug should one day be able to do is actually rewire brains to be more compassionate and kind – something that the whole world could use!

Do you think this drug should be considered a priority for research? Do you think it could solve many problems?