Could men have menopause too?

It’s a cruel world for women sometimes – we have periods, we give birth, and then we have the dread menopause. It’s not fair, especially when men seem to be having a fairly easy ride. But could that all be wrong…could men also experience menopause in their 50s and beyond?

It’s no secret that as we get older, both males and females experience a decrease in libido – this is because of our depleting hormones. For females, we lose our crucial oestrogen, and for males, they lose testosterone. So if it works like that, does that mean men go through menopause too?

According to some health experts, and men, they do. Men over 50 will know the signs all too well: tender breasts, anxiety, irritability and impotence.

The Daily Mail reports that HRT for men is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more over 50s men taking testosterone to give them back the zest they once had.

Professor Fred Wu, director of the Andrology Research Unit in Manchester, told Daily Mail that “male menopause symptoms” are actually normal symptoms of unhealthy ageing and low testosterone suggests that you haven’t being taking care of your health.

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But according to Professor Gary Wittert, head of medicine at the University of Adelaide, “Low testosterone is usually — though not always — caused by changes in a man’s physical and mental health and lifestyle that commonly occur as they age”. So what can be done if you or your husband is experiencing changes and lethargy in your 50s and 60s?

Firstly, exercise and eat healthily, as well as see your doctor to address symptoms such as impotence and irritability. You can also ask them about testosterone replacement therapy, which Dr Geoffrey Hackey from the Good Hope Hospital in the UK says is safe and effective – especially if you’re experience erectile dysfunction.

And men: don’t despair. Unlike women, a “male menopause” is not certain and only about 20 per cent of men have testosterone issues, whilst all women will go through menopause.

Tell us tonight, do you or your partner exhibit signs of male menopause? Have you addressed it with your doctor? Tell us below.