Consumer experts paint unflattering picture of you

The Australian Bureau of Statistics and major retailers have painted a new picture of the average Australian consumer and it’s

The Australian Bureau of Statistics and major retailers have painted a new picture of the average Australian consumer and it’s not that flattering of a picture.

According to them the average Australia has a stagnate income and is eating a lot more take away to make themselves feel better.  They are going out less and staying in to use online streaming entertainment services like Stan and Netflix.

The statics also tell them that instead of going out to get the takeaway, more are using services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo to have food delivered, while also shopping in shopping centres less and more online. All of this activity is also making our waistlines expand as well and making us unhealthy.

It is showing a disturbing trend of people cutting off from the outside world and recreating a world of convenience in their own home.  Retailers are screaming foul and want the government to do something about it.  These demands include having penalty rates dropped and forcing overseas services to pay GST to keep things competitive.

However, is it the job of the government to legislate what we eat and watch?  Or are the retailers looking to blame someone for their inability to adapt to a changing market?

Do you agree with their profile of you?  Do you think that the government should step in to ensure our major retailers survive?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    No! People can not be forced by Governments to be better people and it seems to me the more controlled we feel the more anger that is coming out.

  2. Rob Ozanne  

    We, the people, are not slaves to the government rather the government should be slaves to us !

  3. JIM  

    I agree with Dianne and Rob, but also the consumer has put up with enough from the retailers in as much their attitude towards customers when they enter the shopping areas and that is all before they (the customer) are confronted with prices way above reality . For example we too often see retailers offer discounts in the region of around 50-60-70 % which suggests to me their markups are way way too high. To add to this I must mention that our govt at all levels really help us with parking and fees…YEAH RIGHT!.

  4. rikda  

    The story about the undetected change in temperature killing the frog might be a myth but the cause of Australia’s stagnation isn’t.
    The dismissal of Whitlam was by far a more damaging event to our culture than anything political.
    We were told to get back in our box & wait for orders.
    We were the spoiled step child of the US, until Rex Connors messed with the oilers, & the British done what they were told.
    We thought we didn’t know it, but we did. We’ve built little since & sold what was once ours
    We are still doing as we are told & it’s attracted the bottom feeders of obedience to politics, to fill their coffers & utter YOLO.

  5. I don’t believe the govt. should reduce penalty rates. If you are lucky enough to have your weekends free & want a service or meal/ drink ,you should be prepared to pay more to cover any extra costs to provide this service outside normal business hours. After all, if you want a tradesman or plumber on Sunday , you’ll probably have to pay a lot more, that’s providing you can find one prepared to give up their weekends. There is more to life than chasing the almighty dollar.

    • Ailsa  

      I completely agree. The problem lies with retailers not selling what people want at prices they can afford to pay.

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