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“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy” – Proverb


Your authentic self

I wish to present you with an uncommon view of reality.

For the next five minutes, the time it takes you to read and integrate this information, I intend to put forward an alternative view of life which you may not have previously considered. Indulge me as I outline a case for the benefits of merging mind, body and spirit.

I have written considerably about the mind, body and spirit association in recent times, going so far as to devote a book titled The Power to Navigate Life which distils how to integrate these aspects. I uphold that reconciling with these elements is vital for living an authentic life.

When I talk about authentic, I am referring to living in harmony with your true nature. When you are aligned with your essential being, you transcend imposed limitations. Life resides through moments of inspiration, rather than perspiration.

Life has meaning and purpose at this level of being. As you connect with mind, body and spirit, you experience: success, happiness, joy and the fullness of life. You cease to identify with fear and lower emotional states, which place immense resources on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing – in essence, you rise above these limitations.

Your thoughts and emotions become an extension of your deepest self. You develop a deep-rooted connection to your spiritual self which is aligned with your life’s purpose.

To awaken to your authentic self is to allow universal intelligence to direct your personal evolution. Throughout your childhood and adult life you may have created a fictitious tale in your mind, based on who you thought you were.

You may have painted a distorted image upon the canvas of your life by reinforcing the following beliefs: “I am not good enough”, “I am not talented enough” and “I am not worthy of receiving love”. It is essential that you cease to identify with these beliefs, since this is not who you really are.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart … Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens” – Carl Jung

Slow and steady

To live in harmony with nature’s plan requires that you join with mind, body and spirit. If you merely identify with your body for example, as many people do, your happiness is subject to your material form. Then what happens to your self-image as your body ages, or you become ill? It is for this reason that many people mistakenly identify with their illness or their aging body at this point in their life – but that is not who they are.

Similarly, ego seeks to reinforce its image through your material form, while spirit does not define itself through labels – it is eternal and formless. As you appreciate that you are comprised of the material and non-material self, your body moves towards higher states of health, radiant energy, beauty and the vitality of life flowing through it.

Allow me to render a caveat at this point – it takes time and commitment to evolve into the person I am describing here. What is the hurry? The urgency to lose weight NOW is merely a marketing tactic to deprive you of your hard earned dollars.

Nature does not subscribe to this ideal, nor should you. She is patient and endearing. Humans are the only mammals where the young have the longest developmental period – there is a reason and purpose to nature’s timing. Slow and steady are nature’s trademark – there is no haste or urgency to life.


In keeping with this line of thought, health is not an event, rather it is a PROCESS which evolves over time. There is no need to rush the process of life.

A person living in alignment with their authentic nature knows that any disturbance to their wellbeing is only transient. They have a universal view that life is an enduring process. They are not invested in their mental or emotional state, knowing that thoughts and emotions come and go like ocean tides. They witness their thoughts like waves crashing into the shoreline. They know that in time, these thoughts too shall pass – much like the changing seasons.

In presenting this piece I trust that you will come to value your health and wellbeing in a different light. I assure you, that as you connect with mind, body and spirit, your life will transform in numerous ways. You will look back with uncertainty and not understand why it took so long to achieve a blissful state of being.

Remember – patience and persistence will undoubtedly prosper in the long term. You should make it a priority from this moment forward to evolve into somebody worthy of living an authentic and captivating life.


How do you stay in touch with your mind, body and spirit? What is most important to you? Tell us below.

Tony Fahkry

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  1. Yes! A long journey to align Body Mind and Spirit! Little miss Ego had quite a lot to say on the way. I feel more integrated now, and my secret is that early morning meditation, and last thing at night. It helps me out of my pain body and into a peaceful,joyful equilibrium. Continuing to practice staying in the “Now”. Thanking the Universe for sending all that enrichment to my life. I love your insights, thank you.

  2. Keep groping at those straws, Dianne. Eventually those straws after they have given you soft landings,will be the foundation that will support and launch you further on this exciting adventure of continual exploration and discovery!Happy travels!xx

  3. I admire you for looking finding trying And accomplishing. Wish I could do it. I grope at straws. Keep doing what works… Xx

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