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It’s something we’re all looking for, that illicit reason why we might not suffer from dementia as we age, and this new report will put a smile on coffee lovers faces.  The very substance that keeps your brain awake night and day might also keep your brain alert later in life.  Coffee.

New research has been presented at the Alzheimers Europe Congress that showed that coffee and polyphenols reduce the risk of deterioration of brain cells, most particularly in the areas controlling memory.  Researchers have gone as far as saying in their presentation that “regular lifelong moderate coffee consumption can reduce the risk of developing the disease by up to 20 percent”.

The report showed that coffee and the key ingredient polyphenols reduce the inflammation of the brain and helps prevent protein acumulations between and within the brain cells.  These buildups known as amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles are considered hallmarks of Alzheimers.

The report’s co-author said “Three to five cups a day produce the optimum protective effect”.

Interestingy, this research was funded by the “Institute of Scientific Information on Coffee” established by European coffee companies Nestle, Lavazza and illycaffe.

Do you believe research that is funded by a foundation set up by people with a vested interest?  Is science still science if it proves the vested interest’s point?

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?


Rebecca Wilson

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  1. I will be ok then, you would be shocked at my coffee, I have a double amount of coffee in each cup a tiny little bit of milk and no sugar and I drink about 8 cups a day and I sleep just fine

  2. I drink heaps of coffe started when in my twenties as I was put on fluid tablets and did not like taking them found by drinking a cup of coffee at regular intervals stopped fluid build up ! Ditched the fluid tables and became a coffe drinker last drink before I go to sleep at night is a cup of black coffe I do not have sugar in it !

  3. One only. Weak sadly as it upsets my stomach. I enjoy it though. I never get over how coffee smells better than it tastes.

  4. None !!
    Cannot handle it at all..
    And i still have all my marbles.
    Wonder where they do these surveys !!!!

  5. Don’t drink much anymore. (I think) hah. Would be more believable if the survey was done by an independent body. 1 glass Red Wine a day will do me.

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