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There might a reason some become crazy cat ladies…. cats are just like us! Well, mainly because scientists have just found a link between humans and cats – felines could hold clues in how we fight common diseases.

Other studies have focused on dogs but now cats are in the spotlight because their DNA may have crucial information about how we contract obesity, diabetes, asthma, urinary tract infections and cancers.

A project called 99 Lives has been created by the University of Missouri and they’re asking anyone with a cat to provide their blood and tissues for a more comprehensive study.

According to Stephen O’Brien, a geneticist at the Theodosius Dobzhansky Centre told the Observer: “Until now, genetic research on humans’ companion animals – pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits – has concentrated almost exclusively on dogs”.

He also said cats were ignored for too long despite suffering many of the same diseases we also contract. Cats and the elderly share a common susceptibility to polycystic kidney disease, a key cause of renal failure, and now they want to find out why this is.

So what will the research achieve? Well, cats could aid in the fight to stop the contraction of common diseases, and will donated blood or tissue, researchers can study the DNA and determine how quickly a disease can spread.

Pet owners spend billions a year looking after their cat’s health and their own, so it makes sense that the sooner we know more about our connection to the furry creatures, the sooner we can feel both feel well.

Tell us today, do you have a cat? Have you ever felt a special connection? Would you donate their tissues to research? 

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  1. People have had domestic cats for thousands of years, don’t tell me they wasted all that time testing mice and chimps when cats were the key!!

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    • Whose blood and tissue is donated?
      The cat or the cat owner?
      Donated to where?

  2. I know exactly why I suffer from obesity. I like food far too much and I eat too much of the wrong type of food.
    However, I do acknowledge that obesity is not always caused from overeating and can be caused from medications or diseases. So I can only hope that these studies find some help for these people.

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    • I am starting to wonder if an obese person get some kind of hidden virus to make them overweight, there seems to be more overweight people now than thin ones and it is worldwide

    • I think it’s all in the makeup of the individual. I also believe our obesity epidemic is largely due to the amount of processed food being consumed over the last 40 to 50 years.

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      • of course it is, our parents weren’t obese. we also dont get enough excercise these days, plying on the computer instead of going for a walk lol

    • I also am obese. I know I eat & drink too much BUT I also have a slow metabolism and I believe a genetic predisposition when I look at my maternal relatives. So I am on a daily walking program, eating less processed foods and smaller serves. The progress is slow but steady

    • Forget the sugar, the grains and eat a low carb/high fat diet diet. Forget all the no or low fat processed foods,diet drinks also, they put on the weight. After changing to a LC/HF diet, I am starting to lose weight, all the pain of oesteo arthritis has gone and I am feeling so much better with much more energy

    • I tried the low carb high fat diet. Stuck to it like glue for three months and I gained 7 kgs. Unfortunately fat is one of my problems.
      I have been on the 5:2 diet for the last three months and have lost 15 kgs.

  3. I have a Cat & she is more friend than Foe & have found out that ppl., with Alergies etc.,but like I said, I’ve a Cat & I’ve had a Hip Opperation ( ages ago ) & have my Cat with a Collar & a Bell attached & all is OK

  4. After my Hip Opp., I had 2 do a lot of exercises & I’ve NO problem with Obesity as have my main meal in the middle of the day & a Salad 4 tea sometimes followed by a Yoghurt & sometimes just by Water, yes it may make u visit the Toilet a lot but that’s exercise & I also have an Exercise Bike but I don’t peddle as if my life depended on it

  5. Neither Karlina or Puzi would be happy to know they are just like us. Science is so fascinating, hope this research leads to a solution.

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