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New research from the Cancer Council has found that the number of cancers diagnosed each year in Queensland has more than triple in the last 30 years. In 1982, there were 8250 cases diagnosed, and in 2012, there were 25,614, with cases continuing to rise. But why is this, and what can we do?

Even though the numbers look grim, the chances of surviving cancer in 2015 is better than ever before. There were 85,140 Queensland cancer survivors alive in 2012, but there is still a need for enhanced cancer control strategies, according to Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift.

She said, “Cancer today, more than ever, is a community problem…It is the largest component of total burden of disease and injury in Queensland, and a leading cause of deaths and avoidable deaths in the community. If current trends continue into the future, cancer will remain the leading burden of disease, impacting an increasing number of individuals and families, and placing an even greater burden on the community and the health system”. Cancer currently costs more than $3.8 billion in health care.

The latest research available suggests that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, with 128,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed this year alone. And those who are over the age of 65 are more susceptible, meaning we need to be on top of our health.

Scarily, the most commonly diagnosed cancer is currently prostate cancer, followed by melanoma and breast cancer. Steps can be taken to detect cancer or risks early, particular breast cancer which can be genetic. The leading cause of cancer death in 2012 was lung cancer, causing a huge 20 per cent of the cancer deaths.

And while the survival rates are improving, one third of all cancers can be prevented.

So what can we do about cancer? We can reduce community risks, enable early detections and support those who do have it. We also need to have recommended cancer screenings, quit smoking, eat healthily, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, stay SunSmart and limit alcohol intake to reduce the risk of preventable cancers, according to the Cancer Council.

Have you had cancer? What type was it and how early did you have it diagnosed? Tell us below.

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  1. Cancer is awful is it not?
    But Cancer is, like it or not a business and it has many tentacles. There are so many facets from detection through treatment to R & D.
    The increase in Cancer appears to be easily traced to modern day foods. The problem is no one wants to change or admit it is a problem, why ?
    Because that would affect business wouldn’t it ?

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    • Yes its big business for the drug companies in America, trillions of $$$s businesses – they have a cure, and many doctors have been taken off the medical register because they tried to help their patients. Disgusting!!!

    • Agree with your comments. If we we were to go back to eating the way I did there wouldn’t be near the health issues there are today!!!!!! Never heard of cancer when I was young and now it is almost an epidemic!!!!!

  2. Only 5% of cancers are gene related. The rest are environmental. So the suggestion to eat healthy, exercise, not smoke etc is critical. There are other factors that can contribute from the environment such as stress and living/working in a polluted environment. I know this as even though I’ve never had cancer I’m doing an online nutrition course at present. But can you tell me – has Australia’s population tripled in the past 30 years also? If so cancer is not more prevalent in todays society.

  3. Cancer is on the increase because our diagnostic tools are so much more sophisticated and cancers are found much earlier, even before they are symptomatic. Cancer, it’s detection and treatment are not ‘a scam’

  4. How about we stop using chemicals. There are enough in the air, soil and water to give us cancer. Who makes the chemicals and who owns the companies that make the drugs and equipment? Close them down and go organic, then we might stand a chance. Yes I have had breast cancer and I’m still here.

  5. Any wonder with the way we live today.toxins of all kinds sprayed around the environment ,lord knows what’s in and on our food now,working longer and harder in stressful situations for soulless corporations whose only focus is money at any cost,plagued with debt,working 40/50hours a week and still needing food stamps to get by.and people wonder why their systems fail

  6. The old saying are “we are what we eat” is so true. Especially when we do not know where and how our food is processed. The longer we eat contaminated food the more chances we have of getting this insidious disease and the more chance we have of passing it onto our offspring. They started messing with our food during the 40s, 50s and 60. Putting toxic herbicides and pesticides into the food chain was not an intelligent move but it took years before removing them even though they knew they were deadly. It is no wander older people are getting this insidious disease now instead of earlier in life. The longer we are subjected to contaminated foods the incidents of cancer will keep rising. Sadly we have to eat what the manufacturers produce or eat fresh, but even fresh vegetables are subjected to toxic chemicals.

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    • Debra I agree with you however they are still modifying our foods to give them longer shelf life and we will never know what that is doing to us either, I currently know 9 friends and relatives with Cancer and they are all different types of Cancer so you also worry about it being environmental as well, it is very sad.

    • You are so right Trish Daley. I try so hard to eat fresh. I even grow some of my fruit and veggies when I can, but the majority of foodstuffs must come from the supermarkets. I despair that my children and grandchildren will be left a legacy of toxic foodstuffs, grown in toxic, over cultivated ground, in environments which are so polluted with heavy metals and other carcinogens leading to more and more cancers. Big dollars are more important than health and the big supermarket chains could care less. The government are complaining about paying high health bills now but do nothing to change the situation. Just wait another 20-30 years and the cancer rate will be doubled/tripled of what it is now.

  7. I think it is easier to detect it earlier which makes for more cases

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    • The rate of Cancer is horrendous. However we have to remember that it is easier to detect these days, and , just as importantly, we are living much longer. How many deaths were unknown cancers before we could diagnose them. My thoughts go out to all the sufferers and their families.

  8. Yes it is a terrible disease and I watched my sister die from it so I know the true repercussions of thi horrible disease. My question is why with all the money that is donated to research have we not got a better result from it

  9. It is the chemicals in our food that is the concern. Look at all the numbers listed on a packet of any food you buy? The government are making millions out of people with cancer.

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