Buckingham Palace releases statement on Queen’s health

She’s been laying low since before Christmas, but just in case you weren’t convinced Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

She’s been laying low since before Christmas, but just in case you weren’t convinced Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were battling illness (and no one would blame you if you weren’t just a little suspicious given how 2016 has been), Buckingham Palace has confirmed that this is in fact the case.

“The Queen and Duke of Ediburgh continue to recover from their heavy colds,” a palace spokesperson told The Sun.

You see, contrary to the rumours that have been spreading like wildfire, the Queen is alive… She’s just not well.

A fake BBC news account on Twitter sent people into a panic by announcing that the Queen had passed away.

A Twitter account with the handle @BBCNewsUKI sent out a message claiming Buckingham Palace had announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “Circumstances are unknown,” the tweet read. “More details to follow.”

You would have been forgiven for thinking the worst — Her Majesty is 90, has had a bit of a bad run in the health department lately, and was not seen at Christmas Day mass for the first time in 30 years. Further, in the event the Queen were to pass away the BBC is the network that would make the announcement.

The user has now been suspended by Twitter, but the damage had been done and there were plenty of conspiracy theories kicking off, including that there was a ‘media blackout’ preventing ‘the truth’ from being revealed.

What do you think of this kind of hoax? What do you think will happen when the Queen dies?

  1. Pamela  

    Prayers for speedy healing for Her Majesty and Price Philip.

    God save our Gracious Queen – long may she reign!

    • Guy Flavell  

      A lovely comment Pamela. I also wish our Queen a speedy recovery.

    • Wiso  

      Lovely sentiments Pamela.

      Well may our gracious Queen reign for some time to come. This current world is lacking of people of such quality. I pray she enjoys good health this year.

  2. Greg Hills  

    Well. There is going to be two real obituary notices within the next decade after all. They are 95 and 90 respectively after all.
    I just hope that they decide to bypass Prince Charles Heirship of the Crown, and go straight to William.
    Charles has too much history, and besides, he is married to a divorcee, and is virtually a divorcee himself. He and Diana were separated at the time of her death – under suspicious circumstances, I might add.
    Not a good history for a King of England to carry into their reign.

  3. Rose Offman  

    My prayers are for a speedy recovery to good health. For over 60 years our devoted Queen Elizabeth has always been the epitome of a great, wonderful and sincere Monarch. God bless you your Majesty, and I pray for a speedy recovery. Long may she reign.

  4. Sue B  

    Diana & Charles were divorced on 28 August 1996, which was well before she died on 31 August 1997. Therefore making Charles a divorcee when he married Camilla, not a ‘virtual divorcee as Greg Hills alludes to in his post above.

  5. Hey,
    Thanks so much for this article. I am glad to hear updates on the Queen’s health. It is sad to see false stories being spread over Twitter. I appreciate that you clarified everything!

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