Biscuits can kill: Dangers found lurking in packaged foods

Many of us are aware of the health risks that contaminated meat or poultry can pose, but we assume that

Many of us are aware of the health risks that contaminated meat or poultry can pose, but we assume that packaged foods are relatively safe. Now new research from the University of Georgia has determined that biscuits and crackers can house salmonella and other pathogens, for at least 6 months.

Researchers tested different types of salmonella, placing it inside crackers with cheese and peanut filling, and inside biscuits with chocolate and vanilla fillings. The researchers, Larry Beuchat and David Mann, did not anticipate that salmonella would breed well within dry food products.

However, after 6 months the salmonella and other dangerous pathogens continued to survive. They actually prospered in the cookies, more-so than inside crackers. David Mann was surprised by this result, saying to avoid widespread food contaminations, “the next steps would be to test all ingredients that are used in these foods”.

Salmonella infection normally passes after 4 to 7 days without treatment, and can involve diarrhoea and vomiting. In severe cases though, hospitalisation and antibiotics may be required, especially if people affected are elderly, infants or have immune deficiencies.

Are you surprised that dry foods can house salmonella? Will you think twice about eating biscuits and crackers now?



  1. My grandchildren gave me a Santa Biscuit barrel filled with chocolate chip biscuits and I will be eating them for sure with cuppa

  2. If possible we need to make fresh just like when we were kids

  3. No I will eat what ever I like, I’m sick of all these studies. It’s starting to sound like the little boy who cried wolf, they tell you one thing then a couple of months latter they tell you they got it wrong. I know now that I don’t have any confidence in these so called organisations who do the studies because they are being funded to do these studies with little or no substance behind their findings.

    • Patricia  

      I agree with you Trish. All the experts keep changing their minds so if you’re in your later years eat what you like and enjoy!!

    • Susanne  

      When on earth will this nonsense stop. We are turning our children into panic merchants. Too much wrong information on the internet, much of it just people’s points of view.

  4. Of course the would be carrying gross amount of bacteria salmonella etc etc, those packaged food has contaminants from the mass production food processors and mass ingredients not to mention the standards of industrial kitchens, you be got to be naive not to acknowledge that🍓🍒 fresh and home made is best

  5. I thought with all the preservatives and other additives put into packaged foods, that nothing survives. Hahaha!

  6. Fresh is best , from your own kitchen – at least you have the BEST ingredients.

    • But you still have to buy those ingredients and the claim is that the bugs are in the ingredients.

  7. I have never heard of anyone dying because they ate a bickie, until I do, I am still going to eat them 🙂

  8. They use to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.that was true back then…today there is to much sprays on them..same as veggies.they spray the cows the sheep get a dip of some kind…so what is safe ??

  9. What a bullshit headline. I find that SAS has sunk to the journalistic sensationalism of the courier nail and the other misinformation Murdock media. On the content of the article one could argue that more people get sick from home prepared foods which was the result of a study of people being treated for food poisoning. So much safer not to eat anything. I also read that how disappointed people who live by all these “health” warnings will be when they eventually die of nothing.

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