The big message Connie Johnson left behind

Connie Johnson
Connie Johnson died on Friday, September 8. Photo: Facebook / Love Your Sister.

The news of Connie Johnson’s death saddened Australians when it broke last week, but some will find solace in saying goodbye.

Her brother Samuel Johnson posted a message on the Love Your Sister Facebook page advising her funeral service to be held in Melbourne on Saturday.

For those around the world who closely followed her sad journey, you will be able to watch via a live stream on the Facebook page.

Connie was just 40 when she died of ‘stupid cancer’. It was her third time battling it.

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Amongst the tragedy there has been some inspiration though. Going by the number of tributes left on the Love Your Sister website Connie’s certainly touched many lives. First a campaign through private Facebook message was started, asking people to post a single red heart emoji in her memory. But that wasn’t enough. 

A second campaign soon followed, this one posted on people’s walls rather than private message.

“Let’s do THIS for Connie instead of blindly sending messages asking people to put a ❤️ on their wall.
Enough is enough! No more messages please!!!
National Breast Awareness MONTH in Australia is October. There is not a specific week dedicated to it as far as I am aware. And as men are affected by breast cancer too, the “post a ❤️ on your wall for women for breast cancer awareness week” seems a bit pointless and inconsiderate doesn’t it?
If you really want to do this for Connie, donate here: Love You Sister.”

There has also been this image doing the rounds too, reminding the importance of looking out for signs of breast cancer.

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When was the last time you checked?

Connie and Sam founded the Love Your Sister charity in 2012 to raise money for cancer research, and have already raised over $5.6 million. 

Did you follow Connie’s journey? What lessons did you learn along the way?