Heartbroken Sam Johnson reveals details of Connie's final moments

Samuel Johnson with The Project co-host Carrie Bickmore and his fundraising socks. Source: Facebook/Love Your Sister

Actor Samuel Johnson has spoken about his beloved sister Connie Johnson’s final moments, saying that the young mother went out “on the toppest of the top”.

Speaking to the panel on The Project on Monday night, Johnson said that his sister was “over the moon” to have received an Medal of the Order of Australia shortly before she died of cancer at the age of 40 on September 8.

“To have that recognition not just from the citizens, but from the government as well, she was over the moon, mate, it was perfect for all of us,” he said, his voice breaking from emotion.  “We had about half an hour together of laughing, then she feel asleep and never woke up. I mean, she went out on top, she went out on the toppest of the top. I’m so proud of her, she did so good, didn’t she?”

Johnson, who worked with Connie to raise millions of dollars for cancer research through their charity Love Your Sister, said that he would continue their push for a cure.

“She was training her little brother to do her work when she was gone,” he said. “I’m ready for that.”

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He revealed that their latest fundraising effort involved bringing out a range of socks, named after their childhood nicknames for each other: Connie Cottonsocks, in pink, and Sammy the Seal, in blue.

Posting on Facebook after the show, Johnson wrote, “Please buy some socks and then maybe we can share the absolute bejesus out of this post and turbocharge our push for a cure, so families need not continue to endure the baseless trauma that cancer so cruelly provides.”

“I want my sister back but seeing as that’s not going to happen, I might as well sell some f*****g socks so that other families don’t have to go through this pain,” Johnson added, before signing himself off as the ‘head of cancer vanquishment.

Earlier, Johnson had posted a photograph of himself flying from Connie’s funeral in Melbourne to appear on the project, thanking an anonymous benefactor for paying for the flight.

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He had invited Connie’s many supporters to the service at St Pauls Cathedral.

Did you follow Connie Johnson’s story? Will you support their fundraising efforts?