Australia gets surprising results after topping the list in sleep study

Gone are the days when Australians stayed up late and partied all night. These days we’d rather hop into bed

Gone are the days when Australians stayed up late and partied all night.

These days we’d rather hop into bed and pull the covers up tight, according to a new study which found that Aussies are the world’s earliest population to call it a night.

The study found the average Aussie goes to bed at around 10:45pm – an hour earlier than Spaniards who are notoriously late-night owls.


We are also among the earliest to rise with most of us getting up at around 6:45am to start the day.

While we are getting to bed early it doesn’t mean we’re getting the most sleep, with the Dutch claiming that title with just over eight hours of sleep every night.

Folks living in Japan and Singapore seem to be getting the raw end of the deal, with only seven hours and 24 minutes sleep a night on average.

If you’re looking for a sleep in head to the United Arab Emirates where most people stay in bed until 7:45am – oh the luxury!


The study’s authors say their findings prove that local culture and the society we live in have more of an influence over us than our body clocks.

“We found a strong wake-time effect from users’ biological clocks – not just their alarm clocks,” University of Michigan professor, and co-author of the study, Daniel Forger said.

“These findings help to quantify the tug-of-war between solar and social timekeeping.”

What time do you go to sleep and wake up? How many hours sleep do you need to function properly the next day?

  1. Heather  

    5 1/2 Hrs sleep at the least . Seven an half usually the most. Even if i go to bed late, does not matter. TOSS AND TURN, is what i do best….

  2. Beverley  

    8.30 pm and get up around 5.30 and I am retired too. Love early mornings.

  3. Juanita  

    I wake up several times during the night, due to fibromyalgia pain, but eventually get up about 3.30am to avoid being in even worse pain later on. Sometimes I go back to bed after having something to drink and try to stay there until sunrise, which I usually don’t manage to do. I am usually exhausted by mid-afternoon and have a small nap, then do a bit more around the mini-farm and go to bed after feeding all the animals, often as early as 5.30pm!

  4. Kate  

    I have sleep apnea so I don’t go to bed until I am tired which is between 10.30 – 11.30 and up 7.30 am if I am very tired I have a 30 minute catnap on weekends

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