Are you at risk of caffeine addiction?
By Starts at 60 WritersIn HealthOn Tuesday 16th Sep, 2014

Are you at risk of caffeine addiction?


Some of us openly admit to having a caffeine addiction, whereas some actually try to hide it as they would any other addiction. But a new study has found that certain jobs have trends in the amount of coffee consumed and are actually a whole lot more risky to developing a caffeine addiction.

According to the Daily Mail, a UK press distribution company surveyed 10,000 professionals and found that 85% said they drink more than three cups a day.

They also identified the types of employment where people had the highest dependency on coffee: journalists, teachers, police officers, plumbers and trade workers were most addicted drinking five cups or more a day. This list followed with nurses, medical staff, company executives and telesales workers who said they drink on average three cups a day.

The research on coffee and whether it is a good substance or a bad one for our health is inconclusive. Some studies support that it helps our immune system and is rich in antioxidants also helping our skin health. Whereas other research suggests it promotes poor cardiovascular health, increases in blood pressure, diabetes and it can lead to dehydration.

So today tell us, are you in a profession at risk of high caffeine addiction? How many cups do you have each day? 

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