Are we heading down a dangerous path with Medicare?

Australia’s Medicare system is a point of pride for many people, with countries around the world envying our affordable and,

Australia’s Medicare system is a point of pride for many people, with countries around the world envying our affordable and, for the most part, efficient system. This could all be about to change though, as the government looks at selling off parts of the system to private buyers who can increase prices and make changes as they see fit.

Experts are warning Malcolm Turnbull against selling off any sections of the health program, with many saying privatisation could see us fall into an American-style health system – notoriously expensive and incredibly slow.

The government has flagged the Medicare payment system as a possible option for privatisation, with Health Minister Sussan Ley confirming they had asked “those who manage payment systems elsewhere how it might work in the back room technology that drives the Medicare payment system”.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions president Ged Kearney told The New Daily “the privatisation of Medicare would compromise standards, threaten jobs and see Australians’ medical and health records handed over to a for-profit operator with no guarantees around privacy and security protection”.

“You only have to look to the United States’ broken health system to see the dangers of heading down this path. Medicare is a national treasure and must be protected from any sort of creeping privatisation push,” Ms Kearney said.

The government reportedly wants to look into privatisation in a bid to bring Medicare’s payment system into the 21st century. The current technology it uses is from 1984 and it’s hoped a private owner could implement more modern practices.

However, sceptics are warning that outsourcing the payments system could leave between 5,000 and 10,000 Australians out of a job, as the public servants who run the current system would be scrapped.



Doctors are also worried about the proposal, with Monash University’s Centre for Health Economics foundation director Jeff Richardson saying Medicare’s current payment system was by far the most cost-effective way to run the health program.

“Medicare’s expenses are around two per cent of its overall turnover whereas in the private health funds it’s more like 12 per cent. We have to be very, very careful about handing a large government monopoly over to the private sector,” Professor Richardson said.

The proposal has many people asking why the government is looking into changing the system when it is already running in one of the cheapest ways possible. Yes, new technology is important but should it come at the expense of Australian jobs?

Let’s talk:

Do you think Medicare should be privatised? Do you worry about the government making changes to the health system?

  1. Yes. I think this is the first step in making it like the American system of health care which would be disastrous.

  2. This is so typical of liberal. They are even going to outsource our tax office . Great all our personal information going over seas lots of room for rip offs to prey on the vulnerable. So the new ” innovation” is about selling everything and firing workers. Yep that a job creation program for Australians

  3. If MEMBERS OF GOVERNMENT STOPPED THE RORTS AND THEIR SO CALLED ENTITLEMENTS, there would be no need to PRIVATISE what was once the best system in the world. Our selfish GREEDY useless POLITICIANS single handedly destroyed all that was good about our beautiful country, they have a lot to answer for.

    • Totally agree and if the pollies had to rely on Medicare like so many of us they wouldn’t even think of changing it but they don’t rely on it so we can only hold our breath and see what they do.

  4. They’ve got to be pretty thick if they look at the American system and think Australia should copy that. It’s this dumb Liberal Party ideology again Private Enterprise can do it better than Public. We’ve all seen how that works, the new CEO makes millions, parts of the business is outsourced to India costing Australian jobs and driven by profit costs rise and in some cases fraud and misinformation is used to help boost profit.

  5. Libs have always wanted to destroy Medicare. All i can say is the people who voted Libs will suffer as well. Think about that next time you vote everyone.

  6. MEDICARE, SHOULD BE ENSHRINED in our Constitution as a HUMAN RIGHT of ALL Citizens in the nation… UNTOUCHABLE FOREVER!

    • Medicare, EMPLOYMENT FOR ALL… All constitutional ‘rights’ IN OUR NEW REPUBLICAN constitution coming SOON.. WE WANT.. WE GET!

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